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Derrick Lewis Achieves New UFC Heavyweight Record

The UFC Heavyweight Record has been obtained by Derrick Lewis, which follows after knocking out Alexey Olenik. It marks the 11th career knockout for “The Black Beast”, dominating his Russian opponent 21-seconds into the 2nd round. That signifies the fastest knockout in UFC history as well, with all this action unfolding on August 8th at the UFC Apex Centre in las Vegas.

Derrick Lewis charged at Alexey Olenik into the 2nd round, implementing a Flying Knee 6-Seconds into the 2nd round. This followed with a quick Right Jab that knocked Alexey down to the Octagon. What ensued afterwards was an onslaught of vicious punches from Lewis inside another 20-Second timeframe. Herb Dean called the fight after Alexey Olenik couldn’t protect himself any longer.

Throughout his overall career, Derrick Lewis has maintained 19 Knockouts in MMA Fighter. However, “The Black Beast” found himself struggling to obtain the 11th knockout since October 2019. That doesn’t mean his skillsets were depleted, with his dominance over Alexey Olenik marking three victories back-to-back for Derrick Lewis.

Derrick’s Russian opponent had few chances to combat against the Black Beast. Alexey Olenik found a single moment of dominance over Lewis, maintaining a fierce chokehold for nearly half the 1st round. Derrick Lewis would utter that it took almost everything in his system not to tap out, that his body was convulsing & his lungs gargling. Lewis could be heard screaming in sheer agony during these moments. Fighting through the pain created anger in the Black Beast that ultimately saw Alexey Olenik knocked out.

The Future for Derrick Lewis

The victory over Alexey Olenik is historic for Derrick Lewis, permanently cementing his placement into the UFC Hall of Fame. After his victory, the Black Beast would shock the UFC Community, announcing that he’ll downgrade his weight-class by 30lbs. It’ll mark the 1st time that UFC Supporters will see Derrick Lewis compete outside the Heavyweight-Class. Under the announced weight loss, the Black Beast will compete in the Light-Heavyweight UFC Division.

Those that missed the events of UFC Fight Night 174 can purchase the event. Witnessing the historic knockout unfolded by Derrick Lewis isn’t something to be missed by UFC supporters. His domination of Alexey Olenik is faster than that of Conor McGregor against Donald Cerrone.

UFC Doctors are Failing Dana White

Dana White has expressed public disappointment behind UFC Doctors, who throughout the last few events haven’t met standard associated with Mixed Martial Arts. The most recent of which occurred at the Las Vegas Apex Centre during “UFC Vegas Five”. It’s an event that’ll be remembered for the abundance of fights that were postponed. However, one headlining bout was permitted to move forward, with that being Derek Brunson versus Edmen Shahbayzan.

This bout saw overwhelming domination from Derek Brunson, who’s a more experienced fighter that was poised to compete against an upcoming prospect. This unconventional competition came after COVID-19 forced a limitation of soldiers for Dana White to select. When the 2nd round arrived, Brunson attacked Shahbayzan aggressively & knocked Edmen unconscious.

Beatings continued to unfold while Herb Dean once again refused to end this fight, with the ringside physician being forced to call this fight. An assessment on Edmen Shahbayzan’s condition was made by this unnamed doctor, who declared afterwards that the 22-year-old could continue competing. A 3rd round than unfolded and Shahbayzan was TKO’d by Derek Brunson.

Comments from Dana White

The Post-Fight Press Conference saw Dana White questioned by various outlets over the decisions made by this doctor & Herb Dean. The UFC Chief Executive Officer avoided making any sentiments towards Herb Dean, silently defending his infamous referee after two back-to-back weeks where he should’ve ended fights. Dana White would instead focus on the ringside physician, where the UFC CEO evoked that this doctor should’ve stopped the bout after round two.

Dana White clarified that Edmen Shahbayzan was clearly unable to fight once being knocked unconscious, leading towards the inevitable TKO. It’s suspected that Edmen Shahbayzan was taken to the Las Vegas hospital for a check-up, with details on his injuries not being made public by Dana White or his Manager.

Sentiments from UFCs Chief Executive Officer didn’t stop by declaring the physician should’ve finished this bout. Dana White also remarked that this doctor was evidently inexperienced, that anybody could see that Edmen wasn’t in fighting condition anymore. It’s unknown if the Nevada Sports Commission will evoke fines onto this physician for lack of action or enforcement.

McGregor Offered to Train with Real Madrid

The skillsets of Conor McGregor seem never-ending, whether it’s dominating opponents in the Octagon or playing football with his local club. Video footage was released of Conor McGregor showcasing his talents with football, revealing afterwards that he’d had formal training when being younger. Multiple clips were released by Conor to his Instagram account, explaining that he’s got the strength acquired to putt a ball into the net seriously.

Conor McGregor had recently returned from Ireland after taking a vacation in the South of France with family members. Notorious was provided with the extraordinary opportunity to travel during the coronavirus because Ireland decreased limitations associated with international flying.

Returning home saw McGregor, a day later attending the Black Forge Football Club in Ireland, where he’d score two goals against their goalie. His third shot towards the net bounced off the post into the stands before Connor could convert the football. It should be clarified that Conor “Notorious” McGregor had a crowd of Irish supporters watching him practice for fun. Some were chanting for the UFC Champion to become Ireland’s next Taoiseach.

Training Offer from Sergio Ramos

When Conor McGregor shared these football clips to his Instagram, Notorious requested the opinion of Sergio Ramos in the comments. This comes after the Real Madrid Defender was seen performing the iconic “Billi Strut” used by McGregor before every UFC fight. Athletes that support & admire the talents of Conor often perform the “Billi Strut” to honour the champ.

Sergio Ramos responded promptly towards McGregor’s question of his opinion. Praise was provided to Conor, with the Real Madrid footballers inviting Notorious to compete in one of their training sessions. It’s expected that the two men have started direct communication with each other, determining the best period to join a training session during COVID-19.

McGregor has an abundance of free time after “Retiring” from the UFC, which most in the MMA community don’t believe. Making use of his time until an inevitable return would prove beneficial for Conor’s physical health, allowing MMA training to resume at a moments notice. Rejoining the UFC will have McGregor step into a new world of mixed martial arts, one that he might not be compatible with.

Dana White Reverses Consideration on McGregor Return

UFC supporters are growing desperate for the 3rd return of Conor “The Irishman” McGregor, who retired earlier in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic & failed salary discussions with Dana White. When this fallout initially began, Dana White refused to allow Conor McGregor back into the Ultimate Fighting Championship. That mentality has changed for the UFC President, with White now considering his return after fanfare suggested that the Irishman compete against Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal for the Intermediate Welterweight Championship.

The likelihood of this fight occurring seems to be growing. MMA Analysts refuse to believe that McGregor can compete at 170lbs, the pound-class required for the Welterweight division. Conor proved naysayers wrong by posting an Instagram picture of his Post-COVID body frame, which sustained the required weight for the Jorge Masvidal fight. The primary problem with maintaining this fight is that Conor “The Notorious” McGregor is designated as retired from the UFC. His battle with Masvidal isn’t possible until a public re-entry into the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Dana White could find himself struggling to reacquire Dana White into the UFC. Notorious claims that his 3rd retirement is permanent, even though video evidence posted by the former Featherweight & Lightweight Champion suggests that his MMA training hasn’t stopped. Additionally, maintaining the bodyweight of 170lbs almost guarantees that McGregor is planning a return. It’s not surprising when considering that Conor remains ranked #4 in the UFC Lightweight Division, while also listen in the UFCs Top Ten Fighters. Some would say his return is inevitable.

An Inevitable Return

The UFC President was asked on his thoughts behind the 3rd return of Conor McGregor, with Dana White clarifying he suspects Notorious will look for a contracted fight by 2021. Delays in Conor’s performance is most likely prompted because of the coronavirus pandemic, with some analysts suggesting it’s because McGregor doesn’t have an opponent in the Featherweight division with Double-Digital Losses that he hasn’t previously fought. McGregor doesn’t conventionally compete against Top-Listed UFC Competitors anymore, with his older age limiting formidable skillsets. Most suspect that his last fight at UFC 246 was rigged for Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone to lose.

Conor McGregor Lashes at Nate Diaz

The Irishman hasn’t stopped his months-long tyrants against his former competitors in the UFC. Conor McGregor continues to attack former opponents & fighter’s he’s never met after retiring from the UFC for the 3rd time. This was proven again after McGregor verbally assaulted his most prominent rival, Nate Diaz. Verbal assaults followed after Nate “The Stockton Slugger” Diaz claimed that Max Holloway was robbed of victory during UFC 251.

Max “Blessed” Holloway received his rematch with Alex “The Great” Volkanovski, with their bout highly anticipated by UFC loyalists. Acting as the Co-Headlining Fight against Jorge Masvidal & Kamaru Usman, domination during the initial two rounds aware seen with Max Holloway. It wouldn’t be until the 3rd round that Alex Volkanovski began regaining his composure.

Judges determined that Volkanovski won the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds during their UFC 251 bout. Viewers could see that both men were equally matched throughout the 4th & 5th rounds. That should’ve meant victory for Max “Blessed” Holloway, with him holding a win over an additional round over Alex. Split-Decision Victory was given to Volkanovski, showing again that UFC Judges aren’t accurately capable to score an MMA fight.

When Nate Diaz made he remarked over Twitter, Conor McGregor didn’t hesitate to retort back to his former enemy. The Irishman lashed aggressively against Nate Diaz and informed him to “Shut Your B* A Up”. It would take less than five minutes before McGregor deleted this tweet, but thousands had screenshotted it & posted it online. Now becoming viral, Diaz supporters are waiting to see how the Stockton-Native reacts to McGregor.

Trilogy Fight Impossible

It’s continuously been speculated that Nate Diaz & Conor McGregor could have a third fight in the UFC, with both men creating a rivalry. The 1st match-up was seen at UFC 196, with Diaz dominating over the Irishman via submission. When both men returned six pay-per-views later at UFC 2020, Conor McGregor would physically pressure the Stockholm Slugger. Both meetings for a 3rd fight would be highly desired amongst UFC supporters. However, Dana White has refused to accept Conor McGregor back into the Ultimate Fighters Competition. Retiring a 3rd time over financial disputes was enough to anger UFCs President.

Conor McGregor Suggests Move to WWE

Conor “The Irishman” McGregor could be switching over to another variation of professional fighting. Competing in the UFC isn’t possible for McGregor after retiring for a 3rd time, with Dana White clarifying then wouldn’t accept another return from Conor after contract negotiations didn’t meet either parties’ expectations. After thirty days remaining quite regarding his future in professional fighting, McGregor has iterated interest in switching over to the WWE.

Speculation regarding Conor McGregor switching over to professional wrestling has grown tenfold since the retired UFC champion called out Vince McMahon, WWE Head Chairman for the Board of Directors. It’s known that McMahon hasn’t responded to McGregor on the concept of competing. However, the chances that these two men will reach a formal agreement is signed.

The Last Fight for McGregor

McGregor proved himself able to create complex storylines surrounding the Octagon when competing against Donald Cerrone during UFC 246 in January 2020. It took forty seconds for the Irishman to dominate over the Cowboy; a competitor recorded with the most fights in UFC history. MMA Supporters knew that Donald Cerrone was paid to lose against Conor McGregor at UFC 246, receiving $10 million for the minor beating. Dana White hoped that the Irishman’s dominance over Donald Cerrone would prompt follow-up fights with Justin Gaethje, Tony Ferguson, and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Gaethje was the exclusive contender not to refuse competition against McGregor.

Conor McGregor is entering the world of professional wrestling if perfectly suitable for his personality. The Irishman has often bolstered a reputation similar to WWE Opponents like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, without the additional niceties associated with professional wrestlers. It’s almost guaranteed his presence on the WWE Roster would significantly bolster views. However, supporters of McGregor would see that the Irishman is falsifying his moves. Moving from the WWE to the UFC is possible, reversing this order might prove challenging.

The WWE Executive & Husband to Vince McMahons Daughter, “Triple H”, confirmed that they’re interested in the concept of acquiring Conor McGregor. There are also hopes in obtaining Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier, which will prove more challenging with both expressing a lack of interest.

UFC Refusing McGregor Any Special Treatment

Conor McGregor, known for being difficult and at times, unruly inside and outside the cage has been advised that should he wish to return to the UFC, that any demands he makes will not be met and that the UFC will not give in to those demands.

McGregor was not at all pleased after learning plans he had to fight three times during 2020 would be on hold as a result of the pandemic. The Irishman was also angry after he was denied the chance to fight Justin Gaethje after he won the interim lightweight belt. Instead, that fight will go to Khabib Nurmagomedov in September.

That has McGregor believing his chances of fighting the winner before 2020 comes to a close as next to slim as he feels the fight will face further postponements. However, Dan Hooker, a lightweight who lost in a thrilling five round battle to Dustin Poirier, feels that McGregor cannot simply walk back into the UFC demanding he be given a fight.

Hooker, during an interview with MMA Fighting, said: “It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense with what we’re seeing now with the UFC kind of standing their ground with a lot of these big-named guys who want to kind of call the shots, and the UFC’s jumping back in and saying we’re the ones running the show.

Hooker elaborated on his comments adding; “So I don’t think that benefits Conor very well, if he’s going to try to position himself for a title shot when compared to me.You’re seeing it now with Gilbert Burns – Usman fight. Jorge Masvidal was obviously the clear frontrunner for that title shot, but contract negotiations turned south and the UFC gave it to the guy who wants to fight.”

Dana White has no intentions to pursue McGregor

The comments made by Hooker come on the heels of Dana White, the president of the UFC was adamant that he will not attempt to convince McGregor not to retire and instead will focus his energies on those that do want to fight.

White commented last week on the situation stating: “Conor McGregor is retired. I don’t chase guys that don’t want to fight. I don’t chase guys. We offer guys three fights a year. You get three fights a year, if you don’t want to fight, I’ve got a roster full of people who want to fight.”

This is not the first time the Irishman has retired, as to whether he will attempt another comeback is unknown, but more unknown is whether the UFC will welcome him back after his multiple shenanigans, both in and out of the UFC.

Jorge Masvidal Responds to Ali Abdelaziz

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced competitors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship to sustain social media personalities, meaning their public problems with potential opponents are being issued through Twitter & Instagram. These heated discussions are now extending beyond UFC Fighters, with managers getting involved in the smack talk. This follows after Ali Abdelaziz claimed that Jorge Masvidal isn’t worthy of being on the “EA Sports: UFC Four” front cover. Those remarks didn’t sit well with the BMF Titleholder, prompting Jorge Masvidal to respond with violent undertones towards the manager of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Most were surprised that Jorge Masvidal didn’t hesitate to respond angrily towards Ali Abdelaziz. He’s already struggling to maintain a professional relationship with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which Jorge has happily obliged after Dana White has continuously offered him lower salaries for fighting. Jorge was promised increased payments with his latest UFC Contract, which Dana White hasn’t honoured. It’s prompted Gamebred to refuse to sign for his next fight. Stalemates between Jorge Masvidal & Dana White are now being maintained daily.

The UFC President will inevitably cave under the desire of wanting to please fans, who are desperate to see Masvidal return. His return would’ve been maintained at UFC 251 against Kamaru Usman, possibly obtaining the UFC Welterweight Championship Belt. Dana White cancelled that fight unexpectedly on Masvidal when he requested his contract agreement be honoured, with the UFC President selecting Gilbert Burns to battle Usman instead.

Social Media Criticism

Jorge Masvidal hasn’t hesitated to provide inside details into contract negotiations with Dana White. It’s prompted both men to engage in verbal abuse over public platforms. Multiple competitors have implemented this behaviour after the UFC President has refused to pay their standard appearance fees. Dana continuously has cited the coronavirus to these competitors, even though the UFC hasn’t faced significant losses during the pandemic.

From the fighter’s perspective, it appears that Dana White is selfishly trying to sustain the highest volume of reserve funds possible. The president is unconcerned what minimal salaries would evoke onto UFC Fighters, who maintain significant mortgages & monthly bills. Smaller appearances fees would force them to sell acquired property, which they refuse under any scenario.

Umar Nurmagomedov Making UFC Debut

The never-ending skillsets shown by the Nurmagomedov will be displayed again with the UFC. It’s been announced that Umar Nurmagomedov, the cousin of Khabib Nurmagomedov, will make his debut appearance in the UFC at Fight Island in July 2020. It’s expected that Umar will maintain an undefeated record in the highest level of professional MMA. Umar Nurmagomedov currently has an undefeated professional record at twelve wins and zero losses. These statistics were acquired when Umar competed in the Gorilla Fighting Championship, where he’d overcome notable competitors & garner the interest of Dana White. It was after Umar defeated Argentine Brian Gonzales that his contract was cemented with the UFC. Expected a prolonged career from the cousin of Khabib Nurmagomedov, which will bring him special benefits when negotiating with Dana White.

Dana White has initially planned to have Umar Nurmagomedov make his formal debut at UFC 249, which was slated to be headlined by Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Traveling restrictions & foolish planning from Khabib prompted this scheduling to be altered. Tony Ferguson would instead compete again Justin Gaethje, ultimately losing his Interim Lightweight Championship to the younger athlete. Most didn’t anticipate Justin Gaethje to dominate in UFC 249, where he’d shock analysts & immediately become one of the most desirable fighters in the competition.

Umar Nurmagomedov didn’t plan for Justin Gaethje to take his spotlight. The plan was for Khabibs cousin to dominate his bantamweight fight & become the newest name to garner popularity in the UFC. Umar wouldn’t have had anyway to leave Russia, and travel to the United States of America. Travel restrictions forced both Nurmagomedov family members to remain inside their respective country. It’s expected that special permissions will be made for Umar & Khabib when travelling from Russia for Fight Island. This follows as governments worldwide have begun lifting their lockdown measures, including aviation operations.

Identical Fighting Styles

It should be mentioned that Umar Nurmagomedov maintains an identical fighting style to Khabib. Both men have trained with Khabibs father for 10+ years, with them also receiving additional assistance from other coaches in the United States and Russia. Umar has formally trained with Javier Mendes at the American Kickboxing Academy. These facts indicate that he’ll play a formidable role in the future of the UFC.

Dana White Losing UFCs Top Roster

The Ultimate Fighters Championship is losing a significant degree of their top contenders, which comes after Dana White continues to make formidable enemies with the men that made him famous & rich. Stresses associated with being the 1st international sport to resume operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to affect the UFC President, with hurdles that must be passed including planning five events in thirty days.

None of these venues other than the 1st has supported notable fighters, prompting analysts to question if roster contenders are serious when claiming they’ll retire over financial disputes. Dana White has continuously demanded that his top fights obtain 18% of their standard salaries for competing, meaning individuals like Jon Jones and Conor McGregor wouldn’t receive substantial payments for their services.

The 18% demand follows after Dana White remarked his goal to protect the corporate division while providing executives with their yearly bonuses & stock options. This would come at the livelihood of fighters that’ve made the UFC famous, earning this sporting association hundreds of millions in profits per year. Turning his back against these men & women show the lack of disrespect garnered by Dana White since becoming noteworthy friends with Donald Trump.

Fighters Leaving the UFC

Henry Cejudo was the 1st competitor to announce his retirement from the UFC over financial disputes, which was barely reported & considered inconsequential for the Bantamweight Division. It was when Jon Jones announced his retirement following Dana White’s refusal to negotiate that top contender leaving was taken seriously by analysts. UFC Partners are also concerned, which extends towards the Board of Directors, and overall workforce. The exclusive individual unconcerned with these retirements in Dana White, with his responses, often remarking a “F*** You” attitude towards these men.

The latest fighter to confirm his retirement is Conor McGregor, which came after Dana White continuously requested that the Irishman compete against opponents in higher weight divisions. The UFC President knows fully that McGregor’s body cannot handle the required muscle tone needed to compete in these divisions, allowing Dana White to offer Conor a lower per-fight salary for lightweight opponents. Shady tactics from the UFC President saw his most noteworthy athlete retire from the competitor for the 3rd time. Losing Jorge Masvidal or any other competitors could result in millions of fans leaving the UFC.