Jorge Masvidal Responds to Ali Abdelaziz

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced competitors in the Ultimate Fighting Championship to sustain social media personalities, meaning their public problems with potential opponents are being issued through Twitter & Instagram. These heated discussions are now extending beyond UFC Fighters, with managers getting involved in the smack talk. This follows after Ali Abdelaziz claimed that Jorge Masvidal isn’t worthy of being on the “EA Sports: UFC Four” front cover. Those remarks didn’t sit well with the BMF Titleholder, prompting Jorge Masvidal to respond with violent undertones towards the manager of Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Most were surprised that Jorge Masvidal didn’t hesitate to respond angrily towards Ali Abdelaziz. He’s already struggling to maintain a professional relationship with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which Jorge has happily obliged after Dana White has continuously offered him lower salaries for fighting. Jorge was promised increased payments with his latest UFC Contract, which Dana White hasn’t honoured. It’s prompted Gamebred to refuse to sign for his next fight. Stalemates between Jorge Masvidal & Dana White are now being maintained daily.

The UFC President will inevitably cave under the desire of wanting to please fans, who are desperate to see Masvidal return. His return would’ve been maintained at UFC 251 against Kamaru Usman, possibly obtaining the UFC Welterweight Championship Belt. Dana White cancelled that fight unexpectedly on Masvidal when he requested his contract agreement be honoured, with the UFC President selecting Gilbert Burns to battle Usman instead.

Social Media Criticism

Jorge Masvidal hasn’t hesitated to provide inside details into contract negotiations with Dana White. It’s prompted both men to engage in verbal abuse over public platforms. Multiple competitors have implemented this behaviour after the UFC President has refused to pay their standard appearance fees. Dana continuously has cited the coronavirus to these competitors, even though the UFC hasn’t faced significant losses during the pandemic.

From the fighter’s perspective, it appears that Dana White is selfishly trying to sustain the highest volume of reserve funds possible. The president is unconcerned what minimal salaries would evoke onto UFC Fighters, who maintain significant mortgages & monthly bills. Smaller appearances fees would force them to sell acquired property, which they refuse under any scenario.