UFC Doctors are Failing Dana White

Dana White has expressed public disappointment behind UFC Doctors, who throughout the last few events haven’t met standard associated with Mixed Martial Arts. The most recent of which occurred at the Las Vegas Apex Centre during “UFC Vegas Five”. It’s an event that’ll be remembered for the abundance of fights that were postponed. However, one headlining bout was permitted to move forward, with that being Derek Brunson versus Edmen Shahbayzan.

This bout saw overwhelming domination from Derek Brunson, who’s a more experienced fighter that was poised to compete against an upcoming prospect. This unconventional competition came after COVID-19 forced a limitation of soldiers for Dana White to select. When the 2nd round arrived, Brunson attacked Shahbayzan aggressively & knocked Edmen unconscious.

Beatings continued to unfold while Herb Dean once again refused to end this fight, with the ringside physician being forced to call this fight. An assessment on Edmen Shahbayzan’s condition was made by this unnamed doctor, who declared afterwards that the 22-year-old could continue competing. A 3rd round than unfolded and Shahbayzan was TKO’d by Derek Brunson.

Comments from Dana White

The Post-Fight Press Conference saw Dana White questioned by various outlets over the decisions made by this doctor & Herb Dean. The UFC Chief Executive Officer avoided making any sentiments towards Herb Dean, silently defending his infamous referee after two back-to-back weeks where he should’ve ended fights. Dana White would instead focus on the ringside physician, where the UFC CEO evoked that this doctor should’ve stopped the bout after round two.

Dana White clarified that Edmen Shahbayzan was clearly unable to fight once being knocked unconscious, leading towards the inevitable TKO. It’s suspected that Edmen Shahbayzan was taken to the Las Vegas hospital for a check-up, with details on his injuries not being made public by Dana White or his Manager.

Sentiments from UFCs Chief Executive Officer didn’t stop by declaring the physician should’ve finished this bout. Dana White also remarked that this doctor was evidently inexperienced, that anybody could see that Edmen wasn’t in fighting condition anymore. It’s unknown if the Nevada Sports Commission will evoke fines onto this physician for lack of action or enforcement.