iPhone 8 vs iPhone X – Is it Worth the Upgrade?

With new iPhones coming out every year, it’s sure to become a difficult task to keep up with everything that changes from what your current iPhone can do in comparison to the latest release. Some might even consider upgrading to the iPhone 8 but aren’t sure if it’s worth considering over the latest iPhone X series. Well, the best way to compare the devices is to look at the basics and see what’s different and how you’ll gain benefits from either choice.

The Basics

Let’s start with the similar features between these iPhones, starting with the glass back that makes both choices highly impressive when it comes to the look of the device. Apple include Gorilla Glass 5 with the back glass, making it incredibly strong on both.

They also feature double sense cameras, meaning you’ll be able to get the same high-quality pictures and videos with both devices. The twin lens cameras make it possible to blur out the background and add even more sharpness to your subject.

The sizes are similar between the iPhone 8 and X, but the iPhone 8 Plus is a lot bigger. Therefore, the iPhone X is better suited if you don’t want a large device, but still, want a bigger screen than just the regular iPhone 8.

Both the phones also offer True Tone displays, allowing the phones to adjust the ambiance of the screen to the room’s lighting. They also both feature 3D touch, a water resistance of IP67. You’ll also have about the same processing speed across the devices as they feature the same A11 chip. They also all feature the 12MP camera and include 4k video rewarding with a slow-motion at 240 frames per second.

Finally, all these devices provide wireless charging options and up to 256gb of storage. Now, let’s have a look at the differences.

The Differences

The first thing you notice about these devices is that the iPhone X has a completely different screen as it doesn’t feature the thinker frame at the bottom and top of the device. You’ll also find the iPhone X no longer has a home button, which forced the company to introduce face ID that allows you to unlock the phone by simply looking at it.

Since the screen doesn’t have much of a frame, it allows the phone to be a lot small than the iPhone 8 Plus but offers a bigger screen at the same time. It certainly takes some getting used to, especially if you’re used to using the thicker frame to hold the phone while watching videos or playing games.

With the brilliant new camera and Face ID features, the company introduces new features that makes the phone a lot of fun. For example, having just standard emojis is the thing of the past as you now get to create your own that actually react to your face. So, when you smile, the emoji also smile, if you stick out your tongue it does the same in real time.