McGregor Offered to Train with Real Madrid

The skillsets of Conor McGregor seem never-ending, whether it’s dominating opponents in the Octagon or playing football with his local club. Video footage was released of Conor McGregor showcasing his talents with football, revealing afterwards that he’d had formal training when being younger. Multiple clips were released by Conor to his Instagram account, explaining that he’s got the strength acquired to putt a ball into the net seriously.

Conor McGregor had recently returned from Ireland after taking a vacation in the South of France with family members. Notorious was provided with the extraordinary opportunity to travel during the coronavirus because Ireland decreased limitations associated with international flying.

Returning home saw McGregor, a day later attending the Black Forge Football Club in Ireland, where he’d score two goals against their goalie. His third shot towards the net bounced off the post into the stands before Connor could convert the football. It should be clarified that Conor “Notorious” McGregor had a crowd of Irish supporters watching him practice for fun. Some were chanting for the UFC Champion to become Ireland’s next Taoiseach.

Training Offer from Sergio Ramos

When Conor McGregor shared these football clips to his Instagram, Notorious requested the opinion of Sergio Ramos in the comments. This comes after the Real Madrid Defender was seen performing the iconic “Billi Strut” used by McGregor before every UFC fight. Athletes that support & admire the talents of Conor often perform the “Billi Strut” to honour the champ.

Sergio Ramos responded promptly towards McGregor’s question of his opinion. Praise was provided to Conor, with the Real Madrid footballers inviting Notorious to compete in one of their training sessions. It’s expected that the two men have started direct communication with each other, determining the best period to join a training session during COVID-19.

McGregor has an abundance of free time after “Retiring” from the UFC, which most in the MMA community don’t believe. Making use of his time until an inevitable return would prove beneficial for Conor’s physical health, allowing MMA training to resume at a moments notice. Rejoining the UFC will have McGregor step into a new world of mixed martial arts, one that he might not be compatible with.