Derrick Lewis Achieves New UFC Heavyweight Record

The UFC Heavyweight Record has been obtained by Derrick Lewis, which follows after knocking out Alexey Olenik. It marks the 11th career knockout for “The Black Beast”, dominating his Russian opponent 21-seconds into the 2nd round. That signifies the fastest knockout in UFC history as well, with all this action unfolding on August 8th at the UFC Apex Centre in las Vegas.

Derrick Lewis charged at Alexey Olenik into the 2nd round, implementing a Flying Knee 6-Seconds into the 2nd round. This followed with a quick Right Jab that knocked Alexey down to the Octagon. What ensued afterwards was an onslaught of vicious punches from Lewis inside another 20-Second timeframe. Herb Dean called the fight after Alexey Olenik couldn’t protect himself any longer.

Throughout his overall career, Derrick Lewis has maintained 19 Knockouts in MMA Fighter. However, “The Black Beast” found himself struggling to obtain the 11th knockout since October 2019. That doesn’t mean his skillsets were depleted, with his dominance over Alexey Olenik marking three victories back-to-back for Derrick Lewis.

Derrick’s Russian opponent had few chances to combat against the Black Beast. Alexey Olenik found a single moment of dominance over Lewis, maintaining a fierce chokehold for nearly half the 1st round. Derrick Lewis would utter that it took almost everything in his system not to tap out, that his body was convulsing & his lungs gargling. Lewis could be heard screaming in sheer agony during these moments. Fighting through the pain created anger in the Black Beast that ultimately saw Alexey Olenik knocked out.

The Future for Derrick Lewis

The victory over Alexey Olenik is historic for Derrick Lewis, permanently cementing his placement into the UFC Hall of Fame. After his victory, the Black Beast would shock the UFC Community, announcing that he’ll downgrade his weight-class by 30lbs. It’ll mark the 1st time that UFC Supporters will see Derrick Lewis compete outside the Heavyweight-Class. Under the announced weight loss, the Black Beast will compete in the Light-Heavyweight UFC Division.

Those that missed the events of UFC Fight Night 174 can purchase the event. Witnessing the historic knockout unfolded by Derrick Lewis isn’t something to be missed by UFC supporters. His domination of Alexey Olenik is faster than that of Conor McGregor against Donald Cerrone.