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Hospital Group Hacked by Darknet Criminals

Prominent information from an international corporation has been acquired by hackers, with “The Hospital Group” confirming their servers have been attacked & patient information was being threatened against THG for ransom funds. Information being used for ransom include pictures of patients before & after shots during cosmetic surgery. Millions worldwide would suffer in their careers and social lives permitting this information is released. Those that’ve acquired jobs based on the merits of their looks, from models to elite personnel in government, would face public humiliation beyond comprehension.

The Hospital Group isn’t taking the claims made by hackers seriously, as the “Information Commissioners Office” was contracted was ransom messages were sent to THG. Personnel working for the Hospital Group emphasised an investigation into these hackers had begun & made that announcement public. This means hackers can release pictures to darknet servers at anytime, with cybernetic analysts anticipating that’ll be the result of THGs ignorance.

Nine hundred gigabytes worth of photographic details from millions of consumers have been acquired. Reports from individuals familiar with the darknet suggest REVIL Hacker Group has released those intimate photos to an unknown webpage. THG & ICO are working diligently to locate that webpage, which hasn’t been found to date. Every hour passed causes additional risk to clientele that trusted the Hospital Group with these personal photographs.

Struggling Over the Last Decade

Cosmetic personnel aren’t surprised that the Hospital Group is maintaining a bullish mentality towards these hackers. Over several years, downward spirals have been witnessed for THG. Marketing finances have reached minimal valuations, with celebrity enforsements having not been witnessed since 2013. Celebrity personnel that worked with the Hospital Group terminated their endorsements, showing the untrustworthy nature of THG. That untrust has grown internationally after learning servers have been breached & revealing photos of millions have been stolen. Breast augmentation surgery photographs could be released, creating ample concern for female clientele that trusted THG.

US Energy Department Hacked by Russia

Multiple government agencies in the United States of America have experienced a prominent attack. Announcements have been issued by the US Energy Department that confirms they’ve been the most recent agency attacked. It’s not surprising when America is facing its most prominent cyber attack in history. What’s concerning about the US Energy Department being affected is that this branch og government manages nuclear weapons. Statements made by the US Energy Department notify that nuclear arsenals weren’t affected by the cyber attack.

Malicious software originating from likely Russia has been located in largescale corporations & government agencies. Microsoft confirmed on December 17th that they’d located malicious software inside their platforms. Details regarding what that malicious software caused for Microsoft wasn’t detailed. Russia was likely collecting consumer data over months, with confirmations from the “US Treasury & Commerce Department” confirming that this cyberattack was sophisticated, requiring months for hackers to accomplish. It should be clarified that Russia has denied all responsibility revolving around the cyberattack. However, denials are likely falsified. Every cyberattack initiated in recent months has been accomplished by Russia or China, two largescale communist regimes that work diligently towards destabilizing global operations for federal benefits.

Investigators reviewing the extensive cyberattack have noted it’ll take years for America to comprehend the fallout of this nation-wide hack. President Donald Trump has ignored all questioned regarding the cyberattack, believing it’s an issue for upcoming President-Elect Joe Biden. America’s forthcoming president has promised that they’ll deter adversaries by implement prominent tariffs & disrupting national growth. Presidential-Elect Joe Biden emphasised that America’s critical infrastructures being attacked cannot be permitted, that the private & federal sectors have now been comprised. Biden promises a co-ordinated attack will be returned towards China or Russia, with one of the two likely at fault.

Analysts believe that those responsible originate from China, with nation-wide hacks beginning in March 2020. It means hackers began attacking the United States when Covid-19 became an international attack. Most still suspect China of creating Covid-19 in laboratory environments. This hack leans harder towards those allegations being accurate.

Uber Fined $59 Million by CPUC

Uber Technologies, an American company that offers transportation services for hire, has been hit with a $59US million fine for failing to provide answers to the California Public Utilities Commission in relation to a report that identified serious safety issues with the service.

The company, and subsequent fine, which is payable to the California Public Utilities Commission, could face the suspension of their license based on the ruling issued on Monday by an administrative law judge.

The ruling is just another development in Uber’s history of legal trouble relating to assaults and violence between passengers and drivers. This is a troubling issue that is shared by its competitor, Lyft shares, and one that must be addressed.

At the time of publishing, Uber had yet to respond to requests that it provide comments on the latest ruling. The ruling and its contents were initially reported earlier by The San Francisco Chronicle.

Report detailed thousands of sexual assaults

Uber has faced harsh criticism of its hiring practises over the years, but the latest report details a history of disturbing physical and sexual assaults. The report, which many have called “jarring” outlined multiple assists during trips using the Uber service in 2017 and 2018.

While it was noted that the report included a large amount of aggregate data, the California Public Utilities Commission requested additional information after its release. This became even more so after Uber admitted that the reports fine print failed to access whether any of the incidents took place.

As a regulatory authority, it is the responsibility of the California Public Utilities Commission to investigate any complaints against those companies operating within the state. Therefore, based o the report, the commission asked the lift sharing service questions pertaining to the author of the report and requested further details about each of the assaults that were contained within the report.

Unfortunately, Uber has refused to answer any questions stating privacy issues, and that disclosure would reveal information about employees and assault survivors. It is unknown how long Uber has to respond and whether the commission will suspend their licenses for failure to do so.

HBO Battles with Roku

Integration of HBO Max onto devices supporting the Roku platform has been delayed since launch. The reasoning for postponed integration is because Warner Brothers (Owners of HBO Max) want industry-control of released content. Third-party suppliers aren’t warranted in the new era of streaming, with Roku working diligently to avoid consumers not having access to HBO Max.

Negotiations continue for Roku & HBO Max to finalize an agreement, with Executives at Warner Brothers pleading that integration is arriving shortly. Promises have been made that discussions will favour WB Pictures while providing consumers with content from HBO Max. It appears that Warner Brothers is confident they’ve got the financial resources to contest Roku. How WB Pictures plans on having primary control of content released on Roku hasn’t been defined. Executives likely don’t understand the extent of streaming technology, having worked exclusively with film & television for decades.

Prognostication won’t be permitted under statements issued by Warner Brothers. Verbal warnings from WB Pictures is bullish behaviour meant to prompt fear into Roku. Sentiments after those verbal warnings revert towards praising Roku, with Executives mentioning that Roku has been a formidable partner behind streaming & that HBO Max is dedicated to reaching an agreement.

Fighting with Netflix

HBO Max launched in May 2020, competing against multiple services for market dominance. Unlike numerous streaming services that’ve struggled to ascertain consumers like Quibi, HBO Max saw immediate interest amongst household viewers. Rivals like Netflix & Disney+ are finding small percentages of customers leave their platforms for Warner Brothers streaming service.

There’s potential that WB Pictures could shift the market into their favour. However, Netflix will contest market growth for HBO Max. Netflix has successfully eliminated multiple streaming services & will likely continue holding prominent market share, even with HBO Max partnering with Roko shortly. Popularity for HBO Max is anticipated to increase whenever negotiations are completed with Roku.

CMA Preventing Google & Facebook from Market Dominance

Google & Facebook are finding themselves prominent targets with democratic governments. This follows after undeniable evidence proved both these corporations were using their namesake & market dominance to abuse growth in numerous industries. This prompted the United States government to investigate Google, Facebook, and Apple for multiple crimes. Now another nation is targeting tech conglomerates, with the United Kingdom’s Competition & Market Authority announcing the two firms accounted for 80% of advertising revenue in 2019.

It prompted the CMA to develop new legislation that’d limit Google & Facebook with their advertising capabilities, providing smaller companies with an ability to advertise at greater levels in the United Kingdom. The legislation is additionally meant to provide consumers with greater control over user data, which Google & Facebook abuse to leverage market consumption. Via this legislation, it hoped by CMA Executives that smaller business would thrive & largescale rivals won’t limit innovations.

The United Kingdom’s Digital Secretary discussed the upcoming legislation, with Oliver Dowden clarifying that civilian consensus indicates concern for the concentration of power sustained by largescale technology firms like Facebook & Google. It’s reduced innovation, employment opportunities, and maintained negative impacts on the United Kingdom’s economy. UK Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden ended his sentiments by promising the new age of technology will be addressed.

Don’t Break the Rules.

Legislation being introduced will provide Google & Facebook with clear directives towards what’s acceptable behaviour. Digital advertising must become an open-source industry for numerous businesses & maintain profitable opportunities, without concerns that larger firms will use their namesake to destroy the competition. Google & Facebook won’t locate loopholes to outweigh government orders, with the CMA developing a dedicated unit that’ll suspend powers of largescale corporations if found breaking legislation. Financial penalties given to Facebook & Google are breaking the new legislation will be severe and meant to disrupt quarterly revenue.