Conor McGregor Lashes at Nate Diaz

The Irishman hasn’t stopped his months-long tyrants against his former competitors in the UFC. Conor McGregor continues to attack former opponents & fighter’s he’s never met after retiring from the UFC for the 3rd time. This was proven again after McGregor verbally assaulted his most prominent rival, Nate Diaz. Verbal assaults followed after Nate “The Stockton Slugger” Diaz claimed that Max Holloway was robbed of victory during UFC 251.

Max “Blessed” Holloway received his rematch with Alex “The Great” Volkanovski, with their bout highly anticipated by UFC loyalists. Acting as the Co-Headlining Fight against Jorge Masvidal & Kamaru Usman, domination during the initial two rounds aware seen with Max Holloway. It wouldn’t be until the 3rd round that Alex Volkanovski began regaining his composure.

Judges determined that Volkanovski won the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds during their UFC 251 bout. Viewers could see that both men were equally matched throughout the 4th & 5th rounds. That should’ve meant victory for Max “Blessed” Holloway, with him holding a win over an additional round over Alex. Split-Decision Victory was given to Volkanovski, showing again that UFC Judges aren’t accurately capable to score an MMA fight.

When Nate Diaz made he remarked over Twitter, Conor McGregor didn’t hesitate to retort back to his former enemy. The Irishman lashed aggressively against Nate Diaz and informed him to “Shut Your B* A Up”. It would take less than five minutes before McGregor deleted this tweet, but thousands had screenshotted it & posted it online. Now becoming viral, Diaz supporters are waiting to see how the Stockton-Native reacts to McGregor.

Trilogy Fight Impossible

It’s continuously been speculated that Nate Diaz & Conor McGregor could have a third fight in the UFC, with both men creating a rivalry. The 1st match-up was seen at UFC 196, with Diaz dominating over the Irishman via submission. When both men returned six pay-per-views later at UFC 2020, Conor McGregor would physically pressure the Stockholm Slugger. Both meetings for a 3rd fight would be highly desired amongst UFC supporters. However, Dana White has refused to accept Conor McGregor back into the Ultimate Fighters Competition. Retiring a 3rd time over financial disputes was enough to anger UFCs President.