Transformative Smartphone Technologies 2018

The scope and pace of mobile technologies are advancing faster than expected. We have every reason to look forward to some exciting stuff before 2018 ends. Smartphones are pocket-sized computers, and when you thought you had enough, there is always a better feature leading to a new level of awesomeness. So, here are some highlights to watch for this year.

On-Screen Fingerprint Scanners

The finger scanner is one of the most impressive security features, as far as mobile privacy is concerned. At a time when mobile users are overly concerned with screen real estate, on-screen fingerprint scanners could be of great help, as far as getting rid of buttons is concerned. The ability to offer users more screen real estate, and get rid of buttons, is slowly becoming a key highlight.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging essentially means your phone can get a battery boost without using cables. This technology has been a significant highlight after Apple successfully incorporated Qi wireless charging technology into new iPhone models. With the doors now open, we expect to see more manufacturers release all manner of wireless chargers.

Artificial Intelligence

The need to make phones run faster, and do things better, than previous models, saw the introduction of artificial intelligence. Although this first happened in 2017, this trend is expected to be at the core of other innovations in 2018 and beyond. With smartphones used to manage smart home devices, and predict your next move, things just got started.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This is a relatively new smartphone technology. Its inclusion is not just for mobile gaming, as it has since been used in creating mobile accessories like AR goggles and headsets. Augmented reality is poised to transform how people interact using smartphones.

There is no doubt smartphone users are now the primary beneficiaries of numerous innovations. The widening scope of smartphone technology means that there’s a lot to come shortly.