UFC Refusing McGregor Any Special Treatment

Conor McGregor, known for being difficult and at times, unruly inside and outside the cage has been advised that should he wish to return to the UFC, that any demands he makes will not be met and that the UFC will not give in to those demands.

McGregor was not at all pleased after learning plans he had to fight three times during 2020 would be on hold as a result of the pandemic. The Irishman was also angry after he was denied the chance to fight Justin Gaethje after he won the interim lightweight belt. Instead, that fight will go to Khabib Nurmagomedov in September.

That has McGregor believing his chances of fighting the winner before 2020 comes to a close as next to slim as he feels the fight will face further postponements. However, Dan Hooker, a lightweight who lost in a thrilling five round battle to Dustin Poirier, feels that McGregor cannot simply walk back into the UFC demanding he be given a fight.

Hooker, during an interview with MMA Fighting, said: “It doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense with what we’re seeing now with the UFC kind of standing their ground with a lot of these big-named guys who want to kind of call the shots, and the UFC’s jumping back in and saying we’re the ones running the show.

Hooker elaborated on his comments adding; “So I don’t think that benefits Conor very well, if he’s going to try to position himself for a title shot when compared to me.You’re seeing it now with Gilbert Burns – Usman fight. Jorge Masvidal was obviously the clear frontrunner for that title shot, but contract negotiations turned south and the UFC gave it to the guy who wants to fight.”

Dana White has no intentions to pursue McGregor

The comments made by Hooker come on the heels of Dana White, the president of the UFC was adamant that he will not attempt to convince McGregor not to retire and instead will focus his energies on those that do want to fight.

White commented last week on the situation stating: “Conor McGregor is retired. I don’t chase guys that don’t want to fight. I don’t chase guys. We offer guys three fights a year. You get three fights a year, if you don’t want to fight, I’ve got a roster full of people who want to fight.”

This is not the first time the Irishman has retired, as to whether he will attempt another comeback is unknown, but more unknown is whether the UFC will welcome him back after his multiple shenanigans, both in and out of the UFC.