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Tony Ferguson Still Cutting Weight in Hopes of UFC 249 Becoming a Go

Once again, the anticipated fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov has been postponed after the UFC cancelled the event that was slated to take place on the 18th of April.

This is the fourth time the two were set to do battle only to watch the event slip away due to injuries sustained from other fights. However, this time, it was related to Khabib Nurmagomedov inability to leave Russia amid the countries response to COVID-19 and locking down all travel outside of the country.

Previously, even as late as last week UFC President, Dana White was adamant that UFC 249 would not be cancelled albeit without fans in attendance. However, he abruptly changed position after California Senator Diane Feinstein expressed concerns that going ahead with the event would be in direct violation of the state’s order to distance from others and not participate in any group events.

According to a Saturday post by Ferguson on Twitter, the UFC lightweight former interim champion stated that it is his intention to weigh in on Friday at 155 pounds. The Twitter post read; “Still Working, Going to Make Weight By Friday” #ChampionshipWeight 155lbs. It’s A TUF Thing. Champ Shit Only #ufc249. Keep Grindin’ Crew”

Ferguson had hoped to see the fight go ahead, but with opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov unable to leave his home country, it saw the Russian removed from the main card and replaced with Justin Gaethje, which for many is not his equal but now that is a dead deal as well with 249 being cancelled outright.

Commenting on the announcement, a disappointed Ferguson, who had been training aggressively in preparation for the fight against Nurmagomedov and then adjusting his style to accommodate Gaethje as a replacement, said; “Oh wow, Oh, well. I’m still going to train. I’m sure it’s for a good reason. Let’s be real. I got to keep the faith.”

Ferguson has not fought since the summer of 2019 during UFC 238 when he defeated Donald Cerrone. However, he has yet to enter the cage since the later part of 2018 and was anticipating a big return with hopes of a victory over Nurmagomedov

UFC President, Dana White was keen to keep things as they were with UFC 249 and had confirmed that the fight would go ahead at the Tachi Palace Resort Casino but that fans would not be in attendance.

However, being that ESPN broadcasts all UGC fight nights, its owners Disney opted to put a stop to the proceedings and orders halt the planning of the event even though it was to be fought behind closed doors.

White commented that he wants to see fighting resume as soon as possible and has arranged for fights to take place on a private island. The UFC  will flaunt the bout as “Fight Island” with expectations being that it will happen within the next month after the island is prepared. Commenting, White said; “I’m telling all my guys not to worry because ‘Fight Island’ is gonna happen. All the infrastructure is being built right now and getting put in place.”

Tony Ferguson Reacts to Nurmagomedov Cancelling

Khabib Nurmagomedov is under fire for being unable to compete at UFC 249. The champion announced that quarantine measures throughout Russia are forcing him to remain within the country’s borders. This has prompted Tony Ferguson to state that Khabib should be stripped of his championship status. It’s the standard move whenever a champion is unable to defend their title. Ferguson was supported to compete against Khabib and is upset that his championship shot is over. When questioned by ESPN Reporters, Ferguson expressed that he understands the unique conditions Khabib faces, but rules are rules, and they must be followed.

Ferguson mentioned that Khabib Nurmagomedov was provided with the opportunity to remain in the United States. After denying this offer, the Heavy Lightweight Champion travelled to Abu Dhabi. This would’ve enabled him to compete in America or the Middle East for the UFC 249 Pay-Per-View. Khabib refused to prolong his stay in Abu Dhabi and returned to Dagestan, Russia. It’s because of these decisions that Khabib couldn’t compete, meaning it’s directly his fault for being unable to defend the title. Word from Dana White on this matter hasn’t been provided, with UFC Analysts claiming that Championship Rules will be altered for the unique conditions surrounding Khabib.

The UFC President is Lying

Dana White has faced numerous issues with his upcoming Pay-Per-View. He’s continually demanded that UFC 249 will take place, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. Event organizers began working against Dana White, with the slated location in Brooklyn informing the UFC President that they won’t host UFC 249. It forced White to locate a new venue within a short period, which he claims has been found. Dana White hasn’t revealed details on the latest location. It’s led many to believe he’s lying about a newly found venue location.

Ferguson’s Upset

Tony Ferguson is angered and upset over this situation. Both men have been slated to compete against each other five times since 2015, with every bout never seeing fruition. The fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov backed down from this fight by unexpectedly travelling against the wishes of UFC Executives is more than reason enough for Ferguson to request the stripping of Champion Status. It’s now expected that Tony will compete against Jorge Masvidal or Justin Gaethje at UFC 249.

Donald Cerrone Ready to Return

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is having to consider new fixtures for UFC 249, with some fighters slated for the Pay-Per-View being unwilling to compete amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic. It prompted multiple other opponents to throw their name into the ring, which includes Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. He indicated that fighting at UFC 249 was possible by expressing interest. This would be a considerably short period since his last fight, which was UFC 246 against Conor McGregor. The Cowboy lost his bout against McGregor in forty seconds during the 1st round, with Conor the Irishman knocking his opponent out. After this considerable loss, fighting analysts have begun speculating if Cerrone should retire his professional MMA career.

Donald Cerrone doesn’t seem willing to retire from fighting yet. However, he retracted the statements made through Instagram after being informed by PR Representatives. He noted that his UFC Return wouldn’t occur until July 2020, with Cerrone having a young family to consider. The UFC Record Leader is aching to compete against the roster again. Even if Dana White wanted Cerrone to fight at UFC 249, travel restrictions in the United States would force the Cowboy to remain home. The President will have to look towards international fighters without travel restrictions to compete, with the overwhelming majority expected to be from the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

Gilbert Burns Wants to Fight Donald Cerrone

There are some throughout the MMA community that would’ve been willing to compete against Donald Cerrone at UFC 249. This included Gilbert Burns, a fighter in the UFC with a record of 18-3. The most recent victory for Burns was at UFC Fight Night 170, where Damian Maia got knocked down by Gilbert.

Gilbert Burns ranks sixth in the Welterweight Division, with him now looking for a future opponent or title contender. He stated that he’d be willing to compete against Donald Cerrone at UFC 249 or a future Pay-Per-View. This concept was immediately concerned by Dana White, meaning that the Cowboy’s next fight could be against a future champion. It’ll mark another challenging bout for Donald Cerrone. If he loses to Gilbert Burns, it could mean retirement for the former UFC Headliner.

Conor McGregor Provides Condolences to Mayweather

The Covid-19 Pandemic is changing the way Conor McGregor behaves with fellow fights and the public. This followed after the infamous fighter provided his condolences to Floyd Mayweather Junior, who lost his uncle Roger Mayweather. Floyd trained with his uncle and had a close relationship throughout their entire lives. Additional individuals that provided their condolences included Dana White and multiple boxing legends.

Individuals throughout Combat Sports were shocked by the announcement that Roger Mayweather had passed away. He’d made a notable name for himself after training both generations of the Mayweather Champions. However, Roger had experienced a long battle with diabetes that eventually caused him to pass away unexpectedly. This marks the 2nd tragedy that Floyd Mayweather Jr has experienced in recent years. The 1st was the death of his Ex-Girlfriend, Josie Harris. She left three children in her death.

Floyd Mayweather Junior and Conor McGregor have sustained a long rivalry throughout the public eye. It inevitably led to the two men fighting each other for ten rounds. While McGregor held his ground for three rounds, dominating over Floyd Mayweather Jr, Conor would inevitably lose his stamina and succumb to the skillsets of the infamous boxing champion. It’s suspected that the two we’ll have an inevitable rematch. Seeing the two rivals engage in this civil behaviour, shocked fighting analysts. It shows that Conor McGregor is maturing as an older man.

McGregor’s Aunt Passes Away

Conor McGregor also experienced a recent death in his family. Instead of it being his uncle, the Irishman lost his aunt. After considerable speculation of how she passed away, McGregor confirmed that she didn’t pass away from Covid-19. The initial posting from Conor on her death was vague, which prompted supporters and MMA analysts to question Anne Moore’s death.

McGregor issued a new post through Instagram. He confirmed that Anne Moore hadn’t contracted the Covid-19 Virus and appreciated the sympathetic, kind wishes throughout his social media accounts. McGregor did mention that following her funeral, everyone will confront Covid-19 in the coming weeks. He hopes that supporters with gather family and friends, implement self-isolation measures and remain safe. The death of his aunt prompted Floyd Mayweather Jr also to provide his condolences. It’s the most beautiful exchange these two fighters have had.

Boxing Cancellations Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus is causing numerous cancellations within the boxing community. This global pandemic is considered historically unprecedented for our modern era, with countless sporting events having to postpone their respective seasons and monitor this event going forward. Most promoters through the MMA and Boxing community have been reluctant to cancel their respective venues, with government associations now requiring that mass gathering be terminated going forward. This has prompted global postponements for numerous fights on the professional level, with low-scale venues being outright cancelled.

This marks the 1st time that the boxing community has seen multiple cancellations since World War Two. There have been various representatives of this community, like Frank Warren or Dana White, who have demanded that venues will continue to take place regardless of the conditional factors surrounding Covid-19. Dana White and Frank Warren want to implement a digital streaming service that will ensure millions of supporters receive their required Boxing or MMA entertainment.

Cancelled or Postponed Events

Confirmations on cancelled venues and postponed fights aren’t expected to come until next week, with the continued reluctance displayed by global promoters. It should be mentioned that some nations are enforcing a minimal mass gathering of twenty-five people, which would terminate any chances of digital venues being streamed. It’s suspected by fighting experts that the Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev in London for June 20th will be terminated. An untitled venue for Las Vegas on May 2nd has already been cancelled, with suspected fights listed for Nevada expected to be entirely cancelled until the summer.

It should be mentioned that multiple fighters are continuing their training camps to ensure that their physically fit to compete whenever the Covid-19 pandemic is solved. Numerous opponents throughout the UFC and Boxing community have fallen ill to the coronavirus, prompting the fight between Shakur Stevenson and Miguel Marriaga to be terminated. It’s suspected that the Mick Conlan’s Saint Patrick’s Day Venue will also be cancelled going forward.

Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov have both supported the decision to postpone any MMA or UFC venues until May 2020. This extended towards Floyd Mayweather Junior, with the three men slated to compete against one another sometime this year. Supporting these postponements would force their respective fights to be delayed. Will provide our readers will any additional updates regarded postponed or terminated venues.

Nurmagomedov on Ramadan

Most aren’t aware that Khabib Nurmagomedov refuses to participate in any fights during Ramadan. Considering that he’s the top-rated fighter in the UFC and is slated to begin his third lightweight title defence in the thirty days, it’s shocking that Dana White permits this decision. Most fighting analysts claim that refusal to operate under contract for Ramadan indicates that Khabib Nurmagomedov is a weak man. The champion has never taken these statements lightly, with previous reports causing Khabib to attack reporters verbally.

It’s not surprising that Khabib Nurmagomedov feels this way towards Ramadan. It’s considered the holiest month for Muslims, with this community of billions not allowed to eat for thirty days while the sun rises. It prompts significantly hard training sessions for Middle-Eastern Fighters, with some analysts claiming these actions are horrible for their body and could affect performances in the octagon. It should be noted that every injury that Khabib Nurmagomedov has experienced followed a month or two after Ramadan when his body was weakest.

This doesn’t mean that Khabib stops all variations of his training, with the champion still competing in various sessions within the United States of America. Khabib has often attacked his trainers during this period, with the lack of food creating a troubled mind that is stressed and deprived of the needed energy to engage in daily life. Because of what this religious period means for Muslims, Khabib believes that spending time with family and going to mosques for prayers is more important than keeping a physical health body. For his profession, this is a somewhat foolish decision but respectable that Khabib stands by his faith to such extremes.

Khabib himself stated: “It’s tough and very dangerous, too. All-day, you don’t drink, and you don’t eat. Injuries can come. That’s why we don’t have too much contact and without sparring. It’s still hard.”

These statements continued with Khabib Nurmagomedov requires forty-five days to recover after Ramadan. This means that the UFC Champion is unable to compete for more than 2+ months of the year. Most UFC Fighters aren’t pleased with the champion’s decision, as typically it considered unprofessional not to defend your title at any period. True heroes will defend their title in any physical, mental or religious condition. Just ask Muhammed Ali if he’d fight during Ramadan and he’d agree immediately.

UFC Receives Backlash for Low Pay

There are reports that former and current fighters with the UFC are angry over the low pay there receive in comparison to the multimillion-dollar payments the organization’s rich investors receive.

Based on an article within The New York Post, the UFC paid one time dividends to multiple A-listers to the tune of nearly $300 million. Those A-listers include Charlize Theron and Mark Wahlberg amongst its beneficiaries. Dana White, the president of the UFC, is also slated to receive a windfall of over $3 million based on sources interviewed. White has been the recipient of hast comments over the last several years as a result of the low amounts paid to fighters.

UFC kingpin Dana White is on schedule to receive more than $3 million from the windfall according to sources. He has received harsh criticism in recent years from former fighters regarding low pay.

White Notorious for Tips that change lives

The flip side to White and comments made in respect to him is his notoriety for being a more than generous tipper. This is so much so that in some cases, it has changed the lives of those on the receiving end. Based on a report from The Las Vegas Review-Journal, White once tipped Vegas Palms Casino Resort dealers $100,000, and while generous, it angered r MMA retired fighter Kyle Kingsbury. Commenting, Kingsbury said; “I heard about Dana tipping a waitress $10,000 and that was my wage as a fighter. I lived in my mom’s garage and I had two jobs when I was fighting in the UFC. I was a personal trainer and a bouncer [and] bartender in a strip club.”

There are many others that have joined Kingsbury in an anti-trust lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the anti-competitive conduct in the UFC has created a systematic monopsony which controls that market, limits the salaries and stifles competition for its fighters. This, in return, brings down the salaries paid to those fighters and often pressures then into signing long-term exclusive contracts.

On the part of the UFC, it denies those claims levied against them and are insistent that fighters are paid competitively and fairly. Commenting, a UFC spokesperson stated; “UFC pays its fighters more than any other MMA promote. We are proud of the company we’ve built and we are confident in our legal position.”

In another report from earlier this month, it was stated that only 16% of the revenue taken in by the UFC is paid to its fighters. If compared to Major League Baseball, who as an organization pay between 48 and 50% of its revenue to players, it is a number that is remarkably low.

DraftKings Files Class-Action Lawsuit against MLB

Major League Baseball representatives, the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros are requesting that American judges dismiss a class-action lawsuit from DraftKings. This lawsuit follows after DraftKings claims that the electronic sign-stealing scandal caused by their baseball odds to be distorted, potentially causing millions to be lost. DraftKings argued to the Manhattan Court with documented proof that they’d receive countless complaints from consumers that these violations harmed them. Major League Baseball believes these claims are unjustified and shouldn’t see their day in court.

DraftKings noted that Rob Manfred and five executives in Major League Baseball were aware of the sign-stealing techniques since September 2017. The sportsbook mentioned that the MLB Commissioner had publicly fined the Boston Red Sox for using Apple Watches to snap photographs for pitching signs with the New York Yankees. MLB Representatives claims that these plaintiffs acquired exactly what they wagered against, a contest which is determined by professional baseball players and that their performance on-field was genuine.

MLB Lawyers expressed that federal courts had previously rejected cases regarding the New York Jets, who have stoles strategies from the New England Patriots with video evidence. This was an incredibly public manner while it was happening, unlike the MLB sign-stealing scandal, which took three years to be unveiled. It should be noted that DraftKings lawyers haven’t provided any insight regarding the MLBs counter, with them declining to comment with countless news outlets.

It should be noted that multiple lawsuits face the Houston Astros and MLB Corporate after this sign-stealing scandal. It extends to an additional class-action suit from Adam Wallach, who’s been season ticket holder for a prolonged period. He provided detailed reports that indicated their seasonal tickets increased by 25% after winning the championship, with prices now being invalid from historical evidence. It’s expected that the federal courts with dispute this class-action suit, leaving Adam Wallach without reimbursement.

The Scandal

Millions of Major League Baseball supporters were shocked to learn that the Houston Astros had implemented sign-stealing technologies. It allowed them to learn the signs of catchers and pitchers with opposing teams. The information would be relayed back to the dugout, enabling for Houston to formulate enhanced strategies for the game’s end.

It enabled them to win the World Series Championship in 2017. When it was revealed that they’d completed such illegal actions, Rob Manfred fined the Houston Astros $5 million. Both Jeff Luhnow and AJ Hinch were both terminated as well, with them both standing as General Managers. Alex Cora from the Boston Red Sox was also fired, which extend to Carlos Beltran as well.

Rob Manfred & Jim Crane at Odds

The Major League Baseball Commission isn’t thrilled with the decisions portrayed by the Houston Astros. Rob Manfred has expressed his blatant shock and disappointment towards their coaching staff, who used illegal technologies throughout the 2017 season to win the MLB Championship. After making a public apology last week regarding their actions, Rob Manfred sat down with ESPN reporters to converse about the Houston Astros. The 1st thing the commissioner mentioned was that their apology wasn’t genuine and was unsuccessful.

Rob Manfred believes that baseball enthusiasts won’t forget about the Houston Astros for decades to come and that it’ll be a continually mentioned subject during the championships. He’s correct with his determination, with technology increasing, there’ll be more pressing concerns regarding the genuine behaviour of MLB outfits. This is forcing Rob Manfred to determine new ways that owners, coaching staff and players can be governed moving forward. The commissioner wants to ensure baseball supporters that the quality of their favourite sport hasn’t been diminished, which ultimately it has.

The Coaching Staff & Ownership Controversy

When looking at the statements made by Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve, these two men had the equivalent emotions of cardboard and read directly from prepared cards. The owner of the Houston Astros has refuted these cheating claims, believing that the sign-stealing techniques were legal and didn’t provide them with any benefits towards championship acquirement. Any enthusiast or analyst of baseball knows that Jim Crane isn’t suitable to own the Houston Astros moving forward after these statements. It could force Rob Manfred to force a new owner onto the Houston Astros, which would mark the 1st instance of a team owner being pushed out since the 1960s.

Rob Manfred expressed that he’ll be working diligently with the Houston Astros moving forward, making sure that whatever happens next will follow the code of conduct implemented by the major league baseball association. Jim Crane, Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve should all be embarrassed for having to be governed by their commissioner. This is something that hasn’t ever been done previously in MLB history.

It should be noted that players with the Houston Astros have expressed a change of coaching staff and ownership as well, indicating that there are significant issues in the Houston Astros locker room. Multiple players apologized for their actions and mentioned that their careers were at jeopardy by refusing to abide by coaches. MLB Professionals that have left the Houston Astros since 2017 backed those players, confirming that coaching staff were defensive and threatening.

Lebron James Dunks like Kobe

Basketball fanatics were shocked to see LeBron James perform a dunking manoeuvre in the same manner at Kobe Bryant. This followed after the infamous basketball legend passed away in a helicopter crash last month. The shocking dunking manoeuvre follows 19 years to the day that Kobe Bryant completed the same move. James LeBron believes that Kobe took his spirit and put himself into my body, giving him one of the best dunks with the Lakers. Playing against the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers defeated them by five points in the last few minutes thanks to LeBron’s dunk.

This moment was forever immortalized with a fan capturing a sensational photograph of LeBron James dunking in mid-air. It’s a photograph that’s become viral and seen by millions worldwide, especially the mother of Kobe Bryant and his wife. Both expressed that these photographers will be framed and hung in their home.

Gloria Bryant couldn’t hold back her emotions when speaking about her son but expressed that he’d want LeBron to keep the legend of the Lakers alive. James noted that to have this moment forever remember in his history, which will be considered another correlation between himself and Kobe, is unreal to imagine. LeBron barely could hold back his emotions, still reeling from the loss of his closest friend in basketball.

LeBron’s Speech on Kobe

Going back to 2018, nobody would’ve anticipated that LeBron James would play with the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic Johnson spent years trying to convince the Cleveland and Miami Legend to join with Los Angeles, which was finally cemented nineteen-months-ago. LeBron will forever be remembered in their history going forward, with the formidable athlete taking the stage on January 31st to discuss the loss of Kobe Bryant.

The sadness could be heard across the stadium, with loyal fans expressing their sorrows five-days after their most honourable legend passed away. It should be noted that several other individuals passed away in this helicopter crash, including Kobe’s daughter and her best friend. Los Angeles will hold a public memorial for their greatest athlete in the coming days. Basketball hasn’t lost an icon like this ever, and Kobe will forever be missed.