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Rob Manfred & Jim Crane at Odds

The Major League Baseball Commission isn’t thrilled with the decisions portrayed by the Houston Astros. Rob Manfred has expressed his blatant shock and disappointment towards their coaching staff, who used illegal technologies throughout the 2017 season to win the MLB Championship. After making a public apology last week regarding their actions, Rob Manfred sat down with ESPN reporters to converse about the Houston Astros. The 1st thing the commissioner mentioned was that their apology wasn’t genuine and was unsuccessful.

Rob Manfred believes that baseball enthusiasts won’t forget about the Houston Astros for decades to come and that it’ll be a continually mentioned subject during the championships. He’s correct with his determination, with technology increasing, there’ll be more pressing concerns regarding the genuine behaviour of MLB outfits. This is forcing Rob Manfred to determine new ways that owners, coaching staff and players can be governed moving forward. The commissioner wants to ensure baseball supporters that the quality of their favourite sport hasn’t been diminished, which ultimately it has.

The Coaching Staff & Ownership Controversy

When looking at the statements made by Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve, these two men had the equivalent emotions of cardboard and read directly from prepared cards. The owner of the Houston Astros has refuted these cheating claims, believing that the sign-stealing techniques were legal and didn’t provide them with any benefits towards championship acquirement. Any enthusiast or analyst of baseball knows that Jim Crane isn’t suitable to own the Houston Astros moving forward after these statements. It could force Rob Manfred to force a new owner onto the Houston Astros, which would mark the 1st instance of a team owner being pushed out since the 1960s.

Rob Manfred expressed that he’ll be working diligently with the Houston Astros moving forward, making sure that whatever happens next will follow the code of conduct implemented by the major league baseball association. Jim Crane, Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve should all be embarrassed for having to be governed by their commissioner. This is something that hasn’t ever been done previously in MLB history.

It should be noted that players with the Houston Astros have expressed a change of coaching staff and ownership as well, indicating that there are significant issues in the Houston Astros locker room. Multiple players apologized for their actions and mentioned that their careers were at jeopardy by refusing to abide by coaches. MLB Professionals that have left the Houston Astros since 2017 backed those players, confirming that coaching staff were defensive and threatening.

Lebron James Dunks like Kobe

Basketball fanatics were shocked to see LeBron James perform a dunking manoeuvre in the same manner at Kobe Bryant. This followed after the infamous basketball legend passed away in a helicopter crash last month. The shocking dunking manoeuvre follows 19 years to the day that Kobe Bryant completed the same move. James LeBron believes that Kobe took his spirit and put himself into my body, giving him one of the best dunks with the Lakers. Playing against the Golden State Warriors, the Lakers defeated them by five points in the last few minutes thanks to LeBron’s dunk.

This moment was forever immortalized with a fan capturing a sensational photograph of LeBron James dunking in mid-air. It’s a photograph that’s become viral and seen by millions worldwide, especially the mother of Kobe Bryant and his wife. Both expressed that these photographers will be framed and hung in their home.

Gloria Bryant couldn’t hold back her emotions when speaking about her son but expressed that he’d want LeBron to keep the legend of the Lakers alive. James noted that to have this moment forever remember in his history, which will be considered another correlation between himself and Kobe, is unreal to imagine. LeBron barely could hold back his emotions, still reeling from the loss of his closest friend in basketball.

LeBron’s Speech on Kobe

Going back to 2018, nobody would’ve anticipated that LeBron James would play with the Los Angeles Lakers. Magic Johnson spent years trying to convince the Cleveland and Miami Legend to join with Los Angeles, which was finally cemented nineteen-months-ago. LeBron will forever be remembered in their history going forward, with the formidable athlete taking the stage on January 31st to discuss the loss of Kobe Bryant.

The sadness could be heard across the stadium, with loyal fans expressing their sorrows five-days after their most honourable legend passed away. It should be noted that several other individuals passed away in this helicopter crash, including Kobe’s daughter and her best friend. Los Angeles will hold a public memorial for their greatest athlete in the coming days. Basketball hasn’t lost an icon like this ever, and Kobe will forever be missed.

Two Teams to Watch in 2020 MLS Season

Major League Soccer has begun their preseason preparations before the official game is played in March. This has allowed for every organization to start training against opposing teams, with two outfits coming out better than the rest. Though all twenty-six clubs in MLS have personalized storylines that have local supporters hoping for priority domination, sporting analysts are creating unbiased reports regarding the two best teams to look out for in the coming weeks. It’s been promised for some time that these two organizations will deliver exceptional gameplay throughout the 2020 MLS Season. Those two teams being the Chicago Fire Football Club and Columbus Crew Soccer Club. Read below to learn information regarding these two outfits, which will assist with future decisions of betting opportunities.

Chicago Fire FC

The Chicago Fire Football Club was one of the most discussed organizations throughout the 2019 Season. It became known that they’d hire an entirely new lineup of coaches and rebrand their entire outfit. This followed after the construction of their NFL-Sized stadium was complete. It’s known that twenty-one players are confirmed for one to three-year contracts. These include three individuals born and raised in Chicago. One of the significant benefits assisting this organization is the introduction of Robert Beric, their new striker under the Designated Player Contract. It’s expected that this player will perform at unexpected levels that could lead to championship contention. Raphael Wicky is another individual that is being highly watched with Chicago Fire FC; he formally coached the U17 National Football Team. He’s earned himself a significant reputation that acquired him the head coaching placement in 2020.

Columbus Crew SC

Sporting analysts in North America desire positive results for Chicago Fire FC. However, there are weaknesses in their defence that other organizations like Columbus Crew SC and Toronto FC could overcome. When it applies to Columbus Crew, their last season’s championship victors. Their formidable lineup has increased with the introduction of new players like Darlington Nagbe and Lucas Zelaravan. Individuals supporting this organization after last seasons victory claim that those supporting CFFC are foolish and will be dominating by CCSC in the 2020 MLS Season. This is because of their formidable midfielders, strikers and defencemen. The only weakness that applies to Columbus Crew is their goalie, which is incredibly challenging to reach for opposing team when engaging with the defencemen.