Dana White Losing UFCs Top Roster

The Ultimate Fighters Championship is losing a significant degree of their top contenders, which comes after Dana White continues to make formidable enemies with the men that made him famous & rich. Stresses associated with being the 1st international sport to resume operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic is starting to affect the UFC President, with hurdles that must be passed including planning five events in thirty days.

None of these venues other than the 1st has supported notable fighters, prompting analysts to question if roster contenders are serious when claiming they’ll retire over financial disputes. Dana White has continuously demanded that his top fights obtain 18% of their standard salaries for competing, meaning individuals like Jon Jones and Conor McGregor wouldn’t receive substantial payments for their services.

The 18% demand follows after Dana White remarked his goal to protect the corporate division while providing executives with their yearly bonuses & stock options. This would come at the livelihood of fighters that’ve made the UFC famous, earning this sporting association hundreds of millions in profits per year. Turning his back against these men & women show the lack of disrespect garnered by Dana White since becoming noteworthy friends with Donald Trump.

Fighters Leaving the UFC

Henry Cejudo was the 1st competitor to announce his retirement from the UFC over financial disputes, which was barely reported & considered inconsequential for the Bantamweight Division. It was when Jon Jones announced his retirement following Dana White’s refusal to negotiate that top contender leaving was taken seriously by analysts. UFC Partners are also concerned, which extends towards the Board of Directors, and overall workforce. The exclusive individual unconcerned with these retirements in Dana White, with his responses, often remarking a “F*** You” attitude towards these men.

The latest fighter to confirm his retirement is Conor McGregor, which came after Dana White continuously requested that the Irishman compete against opponents in higher weight divisions. The UFC President knows fully that McGregor’s body cannot handle the required muscle tone needed to compete in these divisions, allowing Dana White to offer Conor a lower per-fight salary for lightweight opponents. Shady tactics from the UFC President saw his most noteworthy athlete retire from the competitor for the 3rd time. Losing Jorge Masvidal or any other competitors could result in millions of fans leaving the UFC.