The Future of TV Gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a much-anticipated annual technology conference, that brings together key players in the electronics industry. From the recently concluded CES, it is clear that TVs are becoming bigger and better, and are bound to amaze.

As much as we might be enjoying the best TV technologies, science fiction always gives a glimpse of what the future holds as far as technology is concerned. Development trends, sales trends, and customer feedback might also shed some light on where the future of TV lies. So here is a list of TV tech, we are likely to see at the CES next year.

Direct-View Quantum Dot

Quantum dots (QDs) are unrivalled. This technology allows TV manufacturers to offer a wider variety of colours than ever before. The current use of quantum dots is an augmentation of the standard LED/LCD visual technology, where QDs are only used to change the colours and not the image. With time, consumers will be served with true direct view quantum displays.

High Frame-Rate (HFR) TVs

One of the most significant headlines from HDMI 2.1technology is the ability to transmit high frame rate and high-resolution videos. The frame offered by most TVs is 60, but newer models occasionally provide 120 and in rare instances 240. LG’s OLED TVs are HFR capable, and this could be the best TV in 2018.

8K TVs

In the case of resolution, 4K technology is somehow found to be lacking for higher screen sizes. With major electronic manufacturers making their intentions known, as far as 8K technology is concerned, we will undoubtedly have 8K TVs soon. With Tokyo hosting the Olympics in 2020, we have every reason to believe that 8K will be with us before then.

It is evident that TVs aren’t just TVs anymore, they are powerful computers, virtual assistant access points, and smart devices. It is now crystal clear that 2018, is yet another exciting year for TV shoppers.