Three Smartphone Trends Observed in 2018

Smartphones are perhaps the most commonly used personal tech gadgets. Smartphone users have been consistently served with better devices year in year out. 2017 was an incredible year, as far as innovative smartphone technologies are concerned.

With 2018 nearly gone, new trends in mobile technology have been able to raise the tech-bar a notch higher. Based on what leaders in the smartphone industry have offered so far, and other notable announcements, here are some mobile tech trends that define 2018.

5G is Now Here

5G technologies, for a long time, were more of a concept for the future. Smartphone manufacturers have made their intentions known, and most of them are seriously making their 5G strategies known. Qualcomm is an impressive demo that offers remarkable transfer speeds of up to 4GBps. This technology is in the pipeline and could be integrated into the mobile industry by 2019.

Smartphone Manufacturers Are Reverse Engineering the iPhone

There are a lot of great features only found on the iPhone. With Chinese firms fast getting into the game, 2018 has seen a lot of manufacturers copying some elements from the latest iPhone devices. For starters, there has been plenty of similar displays. Significant players in this industry like Samsung, and LG, have also copied some exciting features observed on the iPhone X.

Smartphone Processors are No Longer a Point of Focus

Over the years, smartphone manufacturers seemed to focus on processor technologies in their offerings. However, the launch of Samsung S9, Sony XZ2, and Nokia 8 Sirocco had something in common; despite offering the best processing technology, these industry leaders all seemed to gloss over the inclusion of the latest processor. This shows that mobile phone processors are no longer a significant talking point.

A lot has happened in the past, and the smartphone future is expected to be even more exciting.