Hospital Group Hacked by Darknet Criminals

Prominent information from an international corporation has been acquired by hackers, with “The Hospital Group” confirming their servers have been attacked & patient information was being threatened against THG for ransom funds. Information being used for ransom include pictures of patients before & after shots during cosmetic surgery. Millions worldwide would suffer in their careers and social lives permitting this information is released. Those that’ve acquired jobs based on the merits of their looks, from models to elite personnel in government, would face public humiliation beyond comprehension.

The Hospital Group isn’t taking the claims made by hackers seriously, as the “Information Commissioners Office” was contracted was ransom messages were sent to THG. Personnel working for the Hospital Group emphasised an investigation into these hackers had begun & made that announcement public. This means hackers can release pictures to darknet servers at anytime, with cybernetic analysts anticipating that’ll be the result of THGs ignorance.

Nine hundred gigabytes worth of photographic details from millions of consumers have been acquired. Reports from individuals familiar with the darknet suggest REVIL Hacker Group has released those intimate photos to an unknown webpage. THG & ICO are working diligently to locate that webpage, which hasn’t been found to date. Every hour passed causes additional risk to clientele that trusted the Hospital Group with these personal photographs.

Struggling Over the Last Decade

Cosmetic personnel aren’t surprised that the Hospital Group is maintaining a bullish mentality towards these hackers. Over several years, downward spirals have been witnessed for THG. Marketing finances have reached minimal valuations, with celebrity enforsements having not been witnessed since 2013. Celebrity personnel that worked with the Hospital Group terminated their endorsements, showing the untrustworthy nature of THG. That untrust has grown internationally after learning servers have been breached & revealing photos of millions have been stolen. Breast augmentation surgery photographs could be released, creating ample concern for female clientele that trusted THG.