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Oracle Managing TikTok Cloud Operations

After weeks of rumours regarding which company would acquire TikTok’s North American operations, it’s been revealed that nobody has outright bought the social media platform. It’s been announced instead that Oracle has entered a partnership agreement with ByteDance, the Chinese-established company that operates TikTok. Oracle will take over the US Cloud Operations for TikTok, with ByteDance maintaining overall governance over their social media service. It means that American data will continue being collected & distributed to the Chinese Communist Party, permitting that President Donald Trump doesn’t accept this contract.

August 6th marked the date when President Donald Trump signed an executive order to have TikTok sold to an American company. It came after detailed evidence found that ByteDance was collecting data from US Citizens & sending it to the Chinese Communist Parties. ByteDance was provided ninety days to locate a potential buyer, with Microsoft being the anticipated company to acquire TikTok’s US Operations.

Understanding the associated security risks with Chinese-established companies has become a pinnacle of international politics. The CCP implemented new legislation in 2020 that requires any technology-established company to handover their data upon request. However, ByteDance had been handing over data for years.

Microsoft Replaced by Oracle

The news cycle would be given 60-Minutes to account for the revelation that Microsoft wouldn’t acquire TikTok. ByteDance announced that they hadn’t entered an acquisition contract with the Microsoft Company, and selected another “Trusted Tech Supplier”. Oracle was chosen because of their long-term collaboration with the United States Government, showcasing a strategic move against President Donald Trump. ByteDance believes that with Oracle by their side, POTUS won’t retaliate for the Government’s partnership with Oracle.

Donald Trump doesn’t take strategic moves against his executive orders regarding China lightly. Political & business analysts both anticipate that President Trump will sever ties with Oracle, while enforcing the official ban of TikTok. After the ban is enacted, acquisition opportunities are eliminated & TikTok won’t be seen in America again. For millions of teenager girls and boys, the inevitably banning of TikTok will eliminate their core dating platform. It’ll also stop the Chinese Communist Party from collecting data on millions of American civilians.

Huawei Network Deconstruction Costing $1.8 Billion.

September 4th saw the Federal Communications Commission in America announce that it’ll cost taxpayers $1.8 Billion to remove & replace the telecommunication networks maintained by Huawei. This follows after the Chinese Telecommunications Company refused to deconstruct their network, allowing them to continue covert operations on the American public until President Donald Trump implemented the order to remove the network under USA Federal Funding. It’s a petty action consistent with companies that engage with the Chinese Communist Party.

June 20202 saw the official clarification of Huawei & their subsidiary telecommunications company, ZTE, banned from American soil under the classification of NST (National Security Threats). Companies operating in the United States were told twelve-months earlier in 2019 that engaging with Huawei would evoke notable finds. Subsequently, Huawei hasn’t held market share in America for 14-Months. Similar nations to America like Canada & Britain have followed suit, banning Huawei from operating in their borders.

Telecommunication providers active in the United States aren’t permitted to purchase equipment from Huawei or ZTE. Their network equipment likely stores the capability to continue covert operations on the American public, even under new ownership. The FCC Chairman noted that Huawei’s network is insecure & supports equipment that rural carriers in America thrive on, meaning small towns are likely still being covertly watched by the Chinese company.

The FCC urged US Congress to provide telecommunication providers in America with the funding to rebuild any equipment they’ve purchased from Huawei since 2010, noting Huawei-built cellular towers are detrimental to American society. It’s actively known that Russian & Chinese bots have worked diligently towards destabilizing American culture, creating false social media accounts that focus on increasing social movements in America.


Huawei has an actively known relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. Worldwide there are national security concerns relating to tech companies in China, with the CCP enforcing legislation that requires corporations to comply with intelligence service requests. This means that anytime Chinese intelligence services demand that tech companies hand over data on American’s, Europeans, Africans, and Middle Eastern’s, it must be obliged. Since democratic nations cannot stop a communist regime from their criminal actions, democracies worldwide have begun limiting their engagement with China.

Tesla CEO Showcases Computer Chip inside a Pig

The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City, Star Link, Hyperloop, and The Boring Company has made a new announcement regarding his latest project. It seems that Elon Musk never stops working towards growing his empire of corporations, with the latest being a start-up company named NeuraLink. Musk announced his investment into NeuraLink by revealing a testing pig named Gertrude. This pig is living with a coin-sized computer chip inside her brain, showcasing ambitious technologies & strategies for creating an interface that accounts for a brain-to-machine ecosystem.

Elon Musk clarified that the computer chip used inside Gertrude works similarly to a Fitbit, allowing for Americans & international civilians that have neurological disorders to control their computers or mobile handsets via their mind. This technology is feared by billions worldwide, with the concept of humanity adopting computer chips into their brain being widely disliked. Elon Muck believes that fear outweighs the positive benefactors of NeuraLink Tech. Civilians with Dementia, Spinal Cord Injuries, Severe Brain Trauma, and Parkinson’s Disease could survive the onslaught of their conditions. It’s been a revolutionary technology adopted by the medic profession immediately.

The Tesla & SpaceX CEO wants to usher in a new age of “Superhuman Cognition”. Musk noted that it’d be the exclusive way humanity can combat artificial intelligence robotics, which Elon has actively disputed is detrimental to society. Global governments haven’t outlawed free-thinking artificial intelligence, prompting Elon Musk to locate another solution. The NeuraLink CEO mentioned that future generation wouldn’t feel this chip and would receive an influx of benefits to assist their daily times.

Failures Will Come

Scientists worldwide have mentioned that Elon Musk will fail in his endeavour with NeuraLink. It’s been noted that decoding all the brain electrodes & synapses will be impossible, that NeuraLink will inevitably hit a barrier that extends past our fundamental knowledge of the human brain. It won’t matter how much data is collected of brain neurons, and patterns. These scientists are likely more correct than Elon Musk. The required information & investment that Musk would need to accomplish this task outweigh his finances.

TikTok Announces Legal Action Against Trump Administration

The Trump Administration could find themselves in a legal battle against a Chinese-owned corporation. This follows after TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, announced on August 22nd that they’d be seeking legal actions against Donald Trump & his administration. ByteDance hopes to start proceedings with the courts before August 28th, hoping to solve any legal discrepancies with the Trump Administration before TikTok’s ban in America comes into effect.

An emailed statement was provided by ByteDance to multiple news agencies throughout the United States, including the Washington Post & NBC News. TikTok’s parent company evoked that Donald Trump is discarding the rule of law, which ByteDance wants to avoid & guarantee that their company is treated fairly in the United States market. Under these assumptions of evident unfair treatment, ByteDance will challenge POTUS’s Executive Order with the US House of Representatives.

The national security of Americans is the reasoning for President Donald Trump’s ban over TikTok, which was implemented on August 6th & was initially slated to take effect on September 15th. That would have given ByteDance less than one month to solve legal discrepancies with the Trump Administration, which is unlikely either way.

After a President’s Executive Order is gone into effect, challenging it becomes drastically harder for opposing forces. Hope was given to ByteDance when Donald Trump doubled the timeframe for TikTok’s ban on August 14th, meaning their ban would become effective on October 30th. Female users everywhere would shed tears over the loss of posting sexualized content on October 31st, the day of Halloween.

Data Collection

Proof has been given to President Donald Trump that ByteDance collects consumer data for the Chinese Communist Party. It’s this core reason that prompted POTUS’s Executive Order, with Donald Trump holding a notable vendetta against China’s growth over recent decades. The one genuine hope that TikTok has for survival is selling their services to Microsoft, giving the computing corporation ownership over operations in democratic nations. Those countries would include the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. There’s little competition for Microsoft in the acquisition of TikTok. Only Apple & Twitter have expressed similar interest on a smaller level.

Chinese Netflix Under SEC Investigation

After regulators began looking into inflated earnings relating to iQiyi (IQ), a platform many call the “Netflix of China.” Shares for iQiyi (IQ), a company listed on the Nasdaq dropped almost 12% on Friday in pre-market trading after the US Securities and Exchange Commission revealed an investigation had been opened into iQiyi’s practice following a report that alleged substantial fraud.

The company, for its part, has stated it has begun investigating the accusations internally and it is anticipating a positive outcome. The report in question, which was released in April by Wolfpack Research, made accusations against iQiyi that it committed fraud prior to its 2018 IPO. Furthermore, the report claims the company continues these practises and has massively inflated user numbers and revenue by as much as 60% and 44% respectively.

iQiyi responded to the allegations stating that: “the report contains numerous errors, unsubstantiated statements and misleading conclusions and interpretations.” However, since the reports release, Chinese companies trading on US stock exchanges have faced increased scrutiny, in part due to the Luckin Coffee scandal, which saw the upstart falsifying sales figures. Since the discovery, Luckin Coffee has been removed from Nasdaq, and its CEO and Chairman were both terminated.

Wolfpack referenced the sage with Luckin in his report saying: If what we’ve said thus far doesn’t concern you, all we can say is ‘good Luckin.'” The company is owned by Baidu, a Chinese search giant. It lays claims to hundreds of millions of active users, of which most are located in China. Baidu is known for its library of popular television, reality and drama shows as well as its extensive library of movies.

The Early Morning Presentation

During an earning presentation on Thursday, the companies management team disclosed the US Securities and Exchange Commission probe stating that it is “cooperating” with US regulators. It ins statement, iQiyi said: “We cannot predict the timing, outcome or consequences of the SEC investigation.”

While the investigation is on-going, it is bringing to light the deceptive practices that are common with Chinese business. The result has already seen a substantial decline in Chine company trading, and if proven to be correct, it will further damage the credibility of Chinese owned and run business.