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UFCs Fight Island Details Revealed

The Ultimate Fighter’s Championship is continuously being rescheduled or reformatted amidst the coronavirus, which follows after Dana White has become desperate to resume octagon matches. The latest updates provided by UFCs President indicate that Fight Island is near completion, with two octagons being manufactured for public appearance. One will be located within an indoor facility, while the other is being built on the islands tropical beach.

Continued updates from Dana White is a specific strategy, which is imposed to keep supporters excited. The UFC President hasn’t had any choice since the April 18th PPV between Tony Ferguson, and Khabib Nurmagomedov was altered drastically. Khabib 1st wasn’t capable of competing after Russia locked down all variations of travelling. Justin Gaethje was the replacement for Nurmagomedov, with his bout against Tony Ferguson being cancelled last minute. This hasn’t stopped either fight or Dana White, with their rescheduled match confirmed earlier this week. Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson will fight on May 9th in Florida. This is because Fight Island’s construction won’t enter completion phases for another month.

Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson were forced to reschedule after Disney Executives demanded that Dana White cancel this venue. The UFC President was forced to listen, with Disney owning ESPN. Considering all UFC Fights are held through ESPN, losing these broadcasting rights would be more detrimental than cancelling the April 18th venue. Disney Executives couldn’t convince Dana White to postponement the competition entirely, with the President adamant they’ll be the 1st sport to return in America. This statement is the core reason that fight island was purchased by Dana White, with this location slated to host all future UFC venues after completion.

ESPN Interview

Dana White spoke with ESPN Reporters regarding UFCs Fight Island. He mentioned that their nearing completion, with international fights slated to begin in June. American UFC Fights will commence on May 9th, with an additional three broadcasting coming by May 23rd. June will mark the date when weekly fights are held again, with international competitors slated to compete against notable athletes like Justin Gaethje and Conor McGregor. However, these two will fight before any other competitors are announced.

Valentina Shevchenko Talks Fight Island

The Ultimate Fighters Championship has become divided amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov supporting the postponements of fights until social distancing worldwide is lifted. Other individuals like Valentina Shevchenko concede that the UFC shouldn’t back down during this pandemic, that it’ll make the MMA sport look weak. Her sentiments on the UFCs state follow after Valentina Shevchenko was questioned on her next octagon opponent. The Flyweight Champion remarked that her next bout would be held at “UFCs Fight Island”, which Shevchenko was supported since Dana White announced the new format last month.

Valentina Shevchenko maintains her training regiment in Las Vegas, with her living quarters located nearby the strip. This champion has grown accustomed to warm environments with her fighting styles, now avoiding cold locations in which she originated. It’s not surprising that Shevchenko would support the UFCs Fight Island, with her social media accounts displaying a woman that admires travelling. This extends primarily towards tropical destinations, with Fight Island rumoured to be located in the Caribbean.

Valentina’s History

The 2020 Flyweight Champion was born and initially trained in Kyrgyzstani, allowing her capabilities to outweigh her competition. No female opponent has rivalled Shevchenko since her admittance into the Ultimate Fighter’s Championship. She’s now considered to have superior skillsets than Ronda Rousey, the former queen of the UFC. It’ll be interesting if Valentina Shevchenko can maintain this status after tearing her MCL at her last PPV Event. Most MMA analysts were shocked when Shevchenko still won her fight, even with a torn MCL.

It’s expected that Valentina Shevchenko will compete against Joanne Calderwood with her next fight. The Flyweight Champion believes it’ll take place by August 25th to 30th, with Fight Island being considered for the PPV Venue. It’d enable for both Shevchenko and Calderwood to receive a resting period immediately after their bout. Valentina expressed that Fight Island is perfect for UFC competitors, as the facilities are being manufactured exclusively for their sport. This’ll make it easier for opponents to train and complete their requirements for competing in the Octagon. We’ll keep our readers informed in Valentina Shevchenko becomes confirmed for the UFCs Fight Island.

Tony Ferguson Still Cutting Weight in Hopes of UFC 249 Becoming a Go

Once again, the anticipated fight between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov has been postponed after the UFC cancelled the event that was slated to take place on the 18th of April.

This is the fourth time the two were set to do battle only to watch the event slip away due to injuries sustained from other fights. However, this time, it was related to Khabib Nurmagomedov inability to leave Russia amid the countries response to COVID-19 and locking down all travel outside of the country.

Previously, even as late as last week UFC President, Dana White was adamant that UFC 249 would not be cancelled albeit without fans in attendance. However, he abruptly changed position after California Senator Diane Feinstein expressed concerns that going ahead with the event would be in direct violation of the state’s order to distance from others and not participate in any group events.

According to a Saturday post by Ferguson on Twitter, the UFC lightweight former interim champion stated that it is his intention to weigh in on Friday at 155 pounds. The Twitter post read; “Still Working, Going to Make Weight By Friday” #ChampionshipWeight 155lbs. It’s A TUF Thing. Champ Shit Only #ufc249. Keep Grindin’ Crew”

Ferguson had hoped to see the fight go ahead, but with opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov unable to leave his home country, it saw the Russian removed from the main card and replaced with Justin Gaethje, which for many is not his equal but now that is a dead deal as well with 249 being cancelled outright.

Commenting on the announcement, a disappointed Ferguson, who had been training aggressively in preparation for the fight against Nurmagomedov and then adjusting his style to accommodate Gaethje as a replacement, said; “Oh wow, Oh, well. I’m still going to train. I’m sure it’s for a good reason. Let’s be real. I got to keep the faith.”

Ferguson has not fought since the summer of 2019 during UFC 238 when he defeated Donald Cerrone. However, he has yet to enter the cage since the later part of 2018 and was anticipating a big return with hopes of a victory over Nurmagomedov

UFC President, Dana White was keen to keep things as they were with UFC 249 and had confirmed that the fight would go ahead at the Tachi Palace Resort Casino but that fans would not be in attendance.

However, being that ESPN broadcasts all UGC fight nights, its owners Disney opted to put a stop to the proceedings and orders halt the planning of the event even though it was to be fought behind closed doors.

White commented that he wants to see fighting resume as soon as possible and has arranged for fights to take place on a private island. The UFC  will flaunt the bout as “Fight Island” with expectations being that it will happen within the next month after the island is prepared. Commenting, White said; “I’m telling all my guys not to worry because ‘Fight Island’ is gonna happen. All the infrastructure is being built right now and getting put in place.”

Tony Ferguson Reacts to Nurmagomedov Cancelling

Khabib Nurmagomedov is under fire for being unable to compete at UFC 249. The champion announced that quarantine measures throughout Russia are forcing him to remain within the country’s borders. This has prompted Tony Ferguson to state that Khabib should be stripped of his championship status. It’s the standard move whenever a champion is unable to defend their title. Ferguson was supported to compete against Khabib and is upset that his championship shot is over. When questioned by ESPN Reporters, Ferguson expressed that he understands the unique conditions Khabib faces, but rules are rules, and they must be followed.

Ferguson mentioned that Khabib Nurmagomedov was provided with the opportunity to remain in the United States. After denying this offer, the Heavy Lightweight Champion travelled to Abu Dhabi. This would’ve enabled him to compete in America or the Middle East for the UFC 249 Pay-Per-View. Khabib refused to prolong his stay in Abu Dhabi and returned to Dagestan, Russia. It’s because of these decisions that Khabib couldn’t compete, meaning it’s directly his fault for being unable to defend the title. Word from Dana White on this matter hasn’t been provided, with UFC Analysts claiming that Championship Rules will be altered for the unique conditions surrounding Khabib.

The UFC President is Lying

Dana White has faced numerous issues with his upcoming Pay-Per-View. He’s continually demanded that UFC 249 will take place, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. Event organizers began working against Dana White, with the slated location in Brooklyn informing the UFC President that they won’t host UFC 249. It forced White to locate a new venue within a short period, which he claims has been found. Dana White hasn’t revealed details on the latest location. It’s led many to believe he’s lying about a newly found venue location.

Ferguson’s Upset

Tony Ferguson is angered and upset over this situation. Both men have been slated to compete against each other five times since 2015, with every bout never seeing fruition. The fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov backed down from this fight by unexpectedly travelling against the wishes of UFC Executives is more than reason enough for Ferguson to request the stripping of Champion Status. It’s now expected that Tony will compete against Jorge Masvidal or Justin Gaethje at UFC 249.