The Best Sports Apps for 2019

The world of sports is extremely diverse and large. There are tons of international championships in several sports each year, and it might seem impossible to stay up-to-date with all the sporting events that takes place around the world. You can either watch sports news daily, spend hours on reading about sports, or visit countless websites to stay informed on your favourite players and teams. However, there’s a much easier way to achieve it. Instead of browsing several sites, why not use one of the following sports apps on your mobile device.


ESPN comes with an official mobile app. The sporting events offered on the ESPN app extends far beyond the sports offered in America. With this innovative app, you can get full access to live-steaming capabilities, news, scores, and more on sporting events such as esports, soccer, golf, basketball, football, and more.

Yahoo! Sports

If you look at the smartphone of any sports fanatic, you are bound to find Yahoo! Sports. This incredible app utilises geolocation to offer the most personalised and interesting sports news in real-time on a wide selection of sporting events, including soccer, tennis, golf, racing, and more. You can also choose your favourite players, leagues, and teams to bring you closer to the game like never before.


The mobile sports app from TheScore is owned and operated by a digital media company in Canada and is available on both Android and iOS devices. Apple users can even utilise the Apple Watch app to stay informed. The mobile app offers real-time news, stats, and scores on all teams around the world. It even alerts you when a team scores or when there are changes made during the match.

Bleacher Report

The mobile app from Bleacher Report is focused on coverage on a national level. The app will inform you when a player is injured when a trade is taking place and will provide reviews and stats following a match or game. You can select a sport, league, player, or team and allow the app to load specific articles which relate to your selection. You can also personalise the information to suit your needs and provides plenty of additional alerts that you can choose yourself.

FOX Sports

The FOX Sports app comes equipped with all the basics you need, including alerts, scores, and news. You can register with the FOX Sports app using your Twitter or Facebook account and utilises your current location to offer regional sports news in real time. The app covers a wide range of sports as well, including MLB, golf, soccer, football, and more. It also comes with an arsenal of features to further enrich your experience.

CBS Sports

Receive real-time stats, scores, and news with the mobile app from CBS Sports. When you initially access the site, you can use your Google or Facebook account to log in and set up your account with schedules, news, and scores on your favourite teams. The app also utilises geolocation to keep you up-to-date with sports that happen around you.