Dana White Reverses Consideration on McGregor Return

UFC supporters are growing desperate for the 3rd return of Conor “The Irishman” McGregor, who retired earlier in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic & failed salary discussions with Dana White. When this fallout initially began, Dana White refused to allow Conor McGregor back into the Ultimate Fighting Championship. That mentality has changed for the UFC President, with White now considering his return after fanfare suggested that the Irishman compete against Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal for the Intermediate Welterweight Championship.

The likelihood of this fight occurring seems to be growing. MMA Analysts refuse to believe that McGregor can compete at 170lbs, the pound-class required for the Welterweight division. Conor proved naysayers wrong by posting an Instagram picture of his Post-COVID body frame, which sustained the required weight for the Jorge Masvidal fight. The primary problem with maintaining this fight is that Conor “The Notorious” McGregor is designated as retired from the UFC. His battle with Masvidal isn’t possible until a public re-entry into the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Dana White could find himself struggling to reacquire Dana White into the UFC. Notorious claims that his 3rd retirement is permanent, even though video evidence posted by the former Featherweight & Lightweight Champion suggests that his MMA training hasn’t stopped. Additionally, maintaining the bodyweight of 170lbs almost guarantees that McGregor is planning a return. It’s not surprising when considering that Conor remains ranked #4 in the UFC Lightweight Division, while also listen in the UFCs Top Ten Fighters. Some would say his return is inevitable.

An Inevitable Return

The UFC President was asked on his thoughts behind the 3rd return of Conor McGregor, with Dana White clarifying he suspects Notorious will look for a contracted fight by 2021. Delays in Conor’s performance is most likely prompted because of the coronavirus pandemic, with some analysts suggesting it’s because McGregor doesn’t have an opponent in the Featherweight division with Double-Digital Losses that he hasn’t previously fought. McGregor doesn’t conventionally compete against Top-Listed UFC Competitors anymore, with his older age limiting formidable skillsets. Most suspect that his last fight at UFC 246 was rigged for Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone to lose.