Google Home Max Arrives – Is It Worth the Huge Lump it Costs?

If you want the most powerful speaker of them all then the Google home speaker Max is it. It offers sound out of a different quality and power league, it is the space and budget you need and then it is simply going to blow your mind. At the moment the Max enters the market at a price of $399 and at this price it is available from more than 24,000 stores around the globe.

Google Home Max – Simply Powerful

Should you want power, the trio smart speaker from Google will provide more than you expect, most interested parties are holding out until Black Friday in hope that they could spend a bit less. Previously the home speakers from Google were quite a bit more affordable with the regular at around $129 and the mini at $49, so not many expected such a steep increase.

Even with the high price in mind, the Max does have a lot to offer, but it is now pricier than the Home Pod from Apple retailing at $349. It is the beast of all Google smart speakers and weighs around 5.3 kg. Visually it has pretty much a design favoured by all including even the minimalist and it is available in two colours, charcoal and chalk, so it is less colourful than the previous ones, although it can be placed either horizontally or vertically to best fit in with the rest of your room.

Need Motivation? Here’s the Google Home Max Specs:

Google Assistant
2x 4.5in drivers
2x 0.7in tweeters
Dual-band 11ac Wi-Fi
6x far-field mics
Touch panel
Quad-core ARM processor
Bluetooth 4.2
USB-C (charging or ethernet adapter)
3.5mm aux input
Chalk or Charcoal

Sound Quality and Features of the Google Home Max

In physical size, the Google Home Max indeed lives up to its name, yet the question on everyone’s mind is whether it is worth it when it comes to sound quality. It has two 4.5in drivers inside the rigid shell and 0.7in custom tweeters above each, between these they handle all. What it is remarkable is the bass, which is due to 22mm drivers, and you don’t need to worry that it will be overpowering as it is warm and rich. The top-end and mid-range can also be described as impressive, and you’ll be blown away by both sound clarity and vocals should you listen to something such as Hello by Adele.

The Max by Google most certainly has the correct name as the speaker offers powerful sound and you might never need to turn the volume past 50%. According to Google, Max is twenty times more powerful than the home speakers normally used, although we found it quite similar to the Sonos Trueplay. It will be a matter of personal taste and preference at the end as well as whether you have the space for it and then if your budget could stretch that far.