DraftKings Files Class-Action Lawsuit against MLB

Major League Baseball representatives, the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros are requesting that American judges dismiss a class-action lawsuit from DraftKings. This lawsuit follows after DraftKings claims that the electronic sign-stealing scandal caused by their baseball odds to be distorted, potentially causing millions to be lost. DraftKings argued to the Manhattan Court with documented proof that they’d receive countless complaints from consumers that these violations harmed them. Major League Baseball believes these claims are unjustified and shouldn’t see their day in court.

DraftKings noted that Rob Manfred and five executives in Major League Baseball were aware of the sign-stealing techniques since September 2017. The sportsbook mentioned that the MLB Commissioner had publicly fined the Boston Red Sox for using Apple Watches to snap photographs for pitching signs with the New York Yankees. MLB Representatives claims that these plaintiffs acquired exactly what they wagered against, a contest which is determined by professional baseball players and that their performance on-field was genuine.

MLB Lawyers expressed that federal courts had previously rejected cases regarding the New York Jets, who have stoles strategies from the New England Patriots with video evidence. This was an incredibly public manner while it was happening, unlike the MLB sign-stealing scandal, which took three years to be unveiled. It should be noted that DraftKings lawyers haven’t provided any insight regarding the MLBs counter, with them declining to comment with countless news outlets.

It should be noted that multiple lawsuits face the Houston Astros and MLB Corporate after this sign-stealing scandal. It extends to an additional class-action suit from Adam Wallach, who’s been season ticket holder for a prolonged period. He provided detailed reports that indicated their seasonal tickets increased by 25% after winning the championship, with prices now being invalid from historical evidence. It’s expected that the federal courts with dispute this class-action suit, leaving Adam Wallach without reimbursement.

The Scandal

Millions of Major League Baseball supporters were shocked to learn that the Houston Astros had implemented sign-stealing technologies. It allowed them to learn the signs of catchers and pitchers with opposing teams. The information would be relayed back to the dugout, enabling for Houston to formulate enhanced strategies for the game’s end.

It enabled them to win the World Series Championship in 2017. When it was revealed that they’d completed such illegal actions, Rob Manfred fined the Houston Astros $5 million. Both Jeff Luhnow and AJ Hinch were both terminated as well, with them both standing as General Managers. Alex Cora from the Boston Red Sox was also fired, which extend to Carlos Beltran as well.