Conor McGregor Provides Condolences to Mayweather

The Covid-19 Pandemic is changing the way Conor McGregor behaves with fellow fights and the public. This followed after the infamous fighter provided his condolences to Floyd Mayweather Junior, who lost his uncle Roger Mayweather. Floyd trained with his uncle and had a close relationship throughout their entire lives. Additional individuals that provided their condolences included Dana White and multiple boxing legends.

Individuals throughout Combat Sports were shocked by the announcement that Roger Mayweather had passed away. He’d made a notable name for himself after training both generations of the Mayweather Champions. However, Roger had experienced a long battle with diabetes that eventually caused him to pass away unexpectedly. This marks the 2nd tragedy that Floyd Mayweather Jr has experienced in recent years. The 1st was the death of his Ex-Girlfriend, Josie Harris. She left three children in her death.

Floyd Mayweather Junior and Conor McGregor have sustained a long rivalry throughout the public eye. It inevitably led to the two men fighting each other for ten rounds. While McGregor held his ground for three rounds, dominating over Floyd Mayweather Jr, Conor would inevitably lose his stamina and succumb to the skillsets of the infamous boxing champion. It’s suspected that the two we’ll have an inevitable rematch. Seeing the two rivals engage in this civil behaviour, shocked fighting analysts. It shows that Conor McGregor is maturing as an older man.

McGregor’s Aunt Passes Away

Conor McGregor also experienced a recent death in his family. Instead of it being his uncle, the Irishman lost his aunt. After considerable speculation of how she passed away, McGregor confirmed that she didn’t pass away from Covid-19. The initial posting from Conor on her death was vague, which prompted supporters and MMA analysts to question Anne Moore’s death.

McGregor issued a new post through Instagram. He confirmed that Anne Moore hadn’t contracted the Covid-19 Virus and appreciated the sympathetic, kind wishes throughout his social media accounts. McGregor did mention that following her funeral, everyone will confront Covid-19 in the coming weeks. He hopes that supporters with gather family and friends, implement self-isolation measures and remain safe. The death of his aunt prompted Floyd Mayweather Jr also to provide his condolences. It’s the most beautiful exchange these two fighters have had.