Boxing Cancellations Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus is causing numerous cancellations within the boxing community. This global pandemic is considered historically unprecedented for our modern era, with countless sporting events having to postpone their respective seasons and monitor this event going forward. Most promoters through the MMA and Boxing community have been reluctant to cancel their respective venues, with government associations now requiring that mass gathering be terminated going forward. This has prompted global postponements for numerous fights on the professional level, with low-scale venues being outright cancelled.

This marks the 1st time that the boxing community has seen multiple cancellations since World War Two. There have been various representatives of this community, like Frank Warren or Dana White, who have demanded that venues will continue to take place regardless of the conditional factors surrounding Covid-19. Dana White and Frank Warren want to implement a digital streaming service that will ensure millions of supporters receive their required Boxing or MMA entertainment.

Cancelled or Postponed Events

Confirmations on cancelled venues and postponed fights aren’t expected to come until next week, with the continued reluctance displayed by global promoters. It should be mentioned that some nations are enforcing a minimal mass gathering of twenty-five people, which would terminate any chances of digital venues being streamed. It’s suspected by fighting experts that the Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev in London for June 20th will be terminated. An untitled venue for Las Vegas on May 2nd has already been cancelled, with suspected fights listed for Nevada expected to be entirely cancelled until the summer.

It should be mentioned that multiple fighters are continuing their training camps to ensure that their physically fit to compete whenever the Covid-19 pandemic is solved. Numerous opponents throughout the UFC and Boxing community have fallen ill to the coronavirus, prompting the fight between Shakur Stevenson and Miguel Marriaga to be terminated. It’s suspected that the Mick Conlan’s Saint Patrick’s Day Venue will also be cancelled going forward.

Connor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov have both supported the decision to postpone any MMA or UFC venues until May 2020. This extended towards Floyd Mayweather Junior, with the three men slated to compete against one another sometime this year. Supporting these postponements would force their respective fights to be delayed. Will provide our readers will any additional updates regarded postponed or terminated venues.