Tony Ferguson Reacts to Nurmagomedov Cancelling

Khabib Nurmagomedov is under fire for being unable to compete at UFC 249. The champion announced that quarantine measures throughout Russia are forcing him to remain within the country’s borders. This has prompted Tony Ferguson to state that Khabib should be stripped of his championship status. It’s the standard move whenever a champion is unable to defend their title. Ferguson was supported to compete against Khabib and is upset that his championship shot is over. When questioned by ESPN Reporters, Ferguson expressed that he understands the unique conditions Khabib faces, but rules are rules, and they must be followed.

Ferguson mentioned that Khabib Nurmagomedov was provided with the opportunity to remain in the United States. After denying this offer, the Heavy Lightweight Champion travelled to Abu Dhabi. This would’ve enabled him to compete in America or the Middle East for the UFC 249 Pay-Per-View. Khabib refused to prolong his stay in Abu Dhabi and returned to Dagestan, Russia. It’s because of these decisions that Khabib couldn’t compete, meaning it’s directly his fault for being unable to defend the title. Word from Dana White on this matter hasn’t been provided, with UFC Analysts claiming that Championship Rules will be altered for the unique conditions surrounding Khabib.

The UFC President is Lying

Dana White has faced numerous issues with his upcoming Pay-Per-View. He’s continually demanded that UFC 249 will take place, regardless of the coronavirus pandemic. Event organizers began working against Dana White, with the slated location in Brooklyn informing the UFC President that they won’t host UFC 249. It forced White to locate a new venue within a short period, which he claims has been found. Dana White hasn’t revealed details on the latest location. It’s led many to believe he’s lying about a newly found venue location.

Ferguson’s Upset

Tony Ferguson is angered and upset over this situation. Both men have been slated to compete against each other five times since 2015, with every bout never seeing fruition. The fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov backed down from this fight by unexpectedly travelling against the wishes of UFC Executives is more than reason enough for Ferguson to request the stripping of Champion Status. It’s now expected that Tony will compete against Jorge Masvidal or Justin Gaethje at UFC 249.