Bribery Charges for Apple Head of Global Security

The Head of Global Security for Apple Incorporated has been charged with Bribery. Details were provided that $70,000.00 in bribes were provided to Thomas Moyer, with financial compensation awarded to the Head of Global Security in the form of concealed firearms licenses. Those licenses were distributed to unknown individuals on the Apple Security Team, with suppliers awarded with iPads. Collectively, it’s been determined that $70k in concealed firearms were distributed to Thomas Moyer alongside their respective licenses.

These charges have been known to the Apple Corporation for a prolonged period, with the company refusing to comment on Thomas Moyer with media personnel. It was announced by the California State Courts that a Grand Jury had found Thomas Moyer guilty of committing his crimes. What was more interesting is that justice was evoked towards the two officers supplying Thomas Moyer with concealed firearms & the respective licenses. Santa Clara County Sheriffs were charged and are expected to spend a shorted timeframe in prison for their actions.

Sheriff Captain James Jenson & County Undersheriff Rick Sung wer accused of requesting Thomas Moyer for bribes via iPad for the concealed firearm licenses/weaponry. It would be revealed in-court that Moyer had worked diligently to maintain the firearms legally, and that these officers refused Thomas. After being backed into a corner that required him to accept bribes & award these Sheriff’s with iPads, the officers regularly recorded Moyer. The Head of Global Security for Apple also recorded those policemen, resulting in everyone being found guilty.

Jobs Lost

Two years of investigation followed after accusations were made, with Apple Incorporated selecting to terminate Thomas Moyer days after learning he’d taken bribes from law enforcement. It’s expected that neither of these cops will be permitted back to the Santa Clara County Sheriff Department following their charged being removed.