CMA Preventing Google & Facebook from Market Dominance

Google & Facebook are finding themselves prominent targets with democratic governments. This follows after undeniable evidence proved both these corporations were using their namesake & market dominance to abuse growth in numerous industries. This prompted the United States government to investigate Google, Facebook, and Apple for multiple crimes. Now another nation is targeting tech conglomerates, with the United Kingdom’s Competition & Market Authority announcing the two firms accounted for 80% of advertising revenue in 2019.

It prompted the CMA to develop new legislation that’d limit Google & Facebook with their advertising capabilities, providing smaller companies with an ability to advertise at greater levels in the United Kingdom. The legislation is additionally meant to provide consumers with greater control over user data, which Google & Facebook abuse to leverage market consumption. Via this legislation, it hoped by CMA Executives that smaller business would thrive & largescale rivals won’t limit innovations.

The United Kingdom’s Digital Secretary discussed the upcoming legislation, with Oliver Dowden clarifying that civilian consensus indicates concern for the concentration of power sustained by largescale technology firms like Facebook & Google. It’s reduced innovation, employment opportunities, and maintained negative impacts on the United Kingdom’s economy. UK Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden ended his sentiments by promising the new age of technology will be addressed.

Don’t Break the Rules.

Legislation being introduced will provide Google & Facebook with clear directives towards what’s acceptable behaviour. Digital advertising must become an open-source industry for numerous businesses & maintain profitable opportunities, without concerns that larger firms will use their namesake to destroy the competition. Google & Facebook won’t locate loopholes to outweigh government orders, with the CMA developing a dedicated unit that’ll suspend powers of largescale corporations if found breaking legislation. Financial penalties given to Facebook & Google are breaking the new legislation will be severe and meant to disrupt quarterly revenue.