Codemasters Sold to Take-Two Entertainment

An iconic & prominent developer from Great Britain has announced that it’s been acquired by Take-Two Interactive. Codemasters revealed via Twitter and later made official confirmations via SkyNews that Take-Two Interactive had acquired their corporate possessions. This includes office space owned by Codemasters, subsequent development studios, and all licensed properties including Formula One. It means that Take-Two Interactive will govern over the development of new titles for F1 & Dirt Rally.

Codemasters was founded in the United Kingdom in 1986 at Banbury, England. Their first title surrounded motorsports & was named “BMX Simulator”. It released for multiple consoles in 1986, with that title now being an iconic game worth hundreds. The 90s saw Codemasters released numerous games for the Sega Genesis & NES. Popularity for this studio wouldn’t arrive until 1988 after partnering with Jester Interactive Limited. Multiple games themed around MTV Music would be developed.

Throughout the early 2000s, Codemasters began returning to motorsport games & started developing shoots, with their iconic series “Operation Flashpoint” still loved by thousands. Codemasters would cement their name throughout gaming in 2010 when they received the Formula One gaming license. They’ve maintained that license over ten years, with contract renewal approved in 2020 for an additional four years. Take-Two Interactive will hold priority control over that license from now on.

No Firm Offer

Codemasters announced to employed personnel on an unfortunate date, with Dirt Rally Five being released the same day. Workers were informed that Codemasters had been sold to Take-Two Interactive for $973 Million. Information given to employees noted that the acquisition contract hasn’t been signed, with Take-Two Interactive not having made a firm offer to date. Codemasters making this announcement could be a strategic decision to evoke other parties into a bidding war, which would force Take-Two Interactive to make a firm offer.

Take-Two Interactive taking control of Codemasters would mean solving numerous problems associated with their games. Formula One & Dirt Rally are known for having horrible internet connections, which often decreases the quality of gameplay. It’ll be issues like these that Take-Two Interactive considers before making their firm offer.