UFCs Fight Island Details Revealed

The Ultimate Fighter’s Championship is continuously being rescheduled or reformatted amidst the coronavirus, which follows after Dana White has become desperate to resume octagon matches. The latest updates provided by UFCs President indicate that Fight Island is near completion, with two octagons being manufactured for public appearance. One will be located within an indoor facility, while the other is being built on the islands tropical beach.

Continued updates from Dana White is a specific strategy, which is imposed to keep supporters excited. The UFC President hasn’t had any choice since the April 18th PPV between Tony Ferguson, and Khabib Nurmagomedov was altered drastically. Khabib 1st wasn’t capable of competing after Russia locked down all variations of travelling. Justin Gaethje was the replacement for Nurmagomedov, with his bout against Tony Ferguson being cancelled last minute. This hasn’t stopped either fight or Dana White, with their rescheduled match confirmed earlier this week. Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson will fight on May 9th in Florida. This is because Fight Island’s construction won’t enter completion phases for another month.

Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson were forced to reschedule after Disney Executives demanded that Dana White cancel this venue. The UFC President was forced to listen, with Disney owning ESPN. Considering all UFC Fights are held through ESPN, losing these broadcasting rights would be more detrimental than cancelling the April 18th venue. Disney Executives couldn’t convince Dana White to postponement the competition entirely, with the President adamant they’ll be the 1st sport to return in America. This statement is the core reason that fight island was purchased by Dana White, with this location slated to host all future UFC venues after completion.

ESPN Interview

Dana White spoke with ESPN Reporters regarding UFCs Fight Island. He mentioned that their nearing completion, with international fights slated to begin in June. American UFC Fights will commence on May 9th, with an additional three broadcasting coming by May 23rd. June will mark the date when weekly fights are held again, with international competitors slated to compete against notable athletes like Justin Gaethje and Conor McGregor. However, these two will fight before any other competitors are announced.