Two Teams to Watch in 2020 MLS Season

Major League Soccer has begun their preseason preparations before the official game is played in March. This has allowed for every organization to start training against opposing teams, with two outfits coming out better than the rest. Though all twenty-six clubs in MLS have personalized storylines that have local supporters hoping for priority domination, sporting analysts are creating unbiased reports regarding the two best teams to look out for in the coming weeks. It’s been promised for some time that these two organizations will deliver exceptional gameplay throughout the 2020 MLS Season. Those two teams being the Chicago Fire Football Club and Columbus Crew Soccer Club. Read below to learn information regarding these two outfits, which will assist with future decisions of betting opportunities.

Chicago Fire FC

The Chicago Fire Football Club was one of the most discussed organizations throughout the 2019 Season. It became known that they’d hire an entirely new lineup of coaches and rebrand their entire outfit. This followed after the construction of their NFL-Sized stadium was complete. It’s known that twenty-one players are confirmed for one to three-year contracts. These include three individuals born and raised in Chicago. One of the significant benefits assisting this organization is the introduction of Robert Beric, their new striker under the Designated Player Contract. It’s expected that this player will perform at unexpected levels that could lead to championship contention. Raphael Wicky is another individual that is being highly watched with Chicago Fire FC; he formally coached the U17 National Football Team. He’s earned himself a significant reputation that acquired him the head coaching placement in 2020.

Columbus Crew SC

Sporting analysts in North America desire positive results for Chicago Fire FC. However, there are weaknesses in their defence that other organizations like Columbus Crew SC and Toronto FC could overcome. When it applies to Columbus Crew, their last season’s championship victors. Their formidable lineup has increased with the introduction of new players like Darlington Nagbe and Lucas Zelaravan. Individuals supporting this organization after last seasons victory claim that those supporting CFFC are foolish and will be dominating by CCSC in the 2020 MLS Season. This is because of their formidable midfielders, strikers and defencemen. The only weakness that applies to Columbus Crew is their goalie, which is incredibly challenging to reach for opposing team when engaging with the defencemen.