Tesla CEO Showcases Computer Chip inside a Pig

The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City, Star Link, Hyperloop, and The Boring Company has made a new announcement regarding his latest project. It seems that Elon Musk never stops working towards growing his empire of corporations, with the latest being a start-up company named NeuraLink. Musk announced his investment into NeuraLink by revealing a testing pig named Gertrude. This pig is living with a coin-sized computer chip inside her brain, showcasing ambitious technologies & strategies for creating an interface that accounts for a brain-to-machine ecosystem.

Elon Musk clarified that the computer chip used inside Gertrude works similarly to a Fitbit, allowing for Americans & international civilians that have neurological disorders to control their computers or mobile handsets via their mind. This technology is feared by billions worldwide, with the concept of humanity adopting computer chips into their brain being widely disliked. Elon Muck believes that fear outweighs the positive benefactors of NeuraLink Tech. Civilians with Dementia, Spinal Cord Injuries, Severe Brain Trauma, and Parkinson’s Disease could survive the onslaught of their conditions. It’s been a revolutionary technology adopted by the medic profession immediately.

The Tesla & SpaceX CEO wants to usher in a new age of “Superhuman Cognition”. Musk noted that it’d be the exclusive way humanity can combat artificial intelligence robotics, which Elon has actively disputed is detrimental to society. Global governments haven’t outlawed free-thinking artificial intelligence, prompting Elon Musk to locate another solution. The NeuraLink CEO mentioned that future generation wouldn’t feel this chip and would receive an influx of benefits to assist their daily times.

Failures Will Come

Scientists worldwide have mentioned that Elon Musk will fail in his endeavour with NeuraLink. It’s been noted that decoding all the brain electrodes & synapses will be impossible, that NeuraLink will inevitably hit a barrier that extends past our fundamental knowledge of the human brain. It won’t matter how much data is collected of brain neurons, and patterns. These scientists are likely more correct than Elon Musk. The required information & investment that Musk would need to accomplish this task outweigh his finances.