Premier League Managers & Referees Meeting

There have been considerable problems with the video assistant referee system used in the Premier League for years now. It has been an ignored issue amongst fans, players, managers and referees for some time now. However, it has been announced that all Premier League Managers will be meeting with the Professional Game Match Manager. This meeting will discuss what can be done to reprimand the problems with VAR. The PGM Manager will inform all referee’s what alterations are being done to the VAR System later on this week.

This meeting had been planned by managers and the referee association earlier this year. It wasn’t meant to take place until closer to the winter break. However, a recent uprise in controversy regarding the VAR System has prompted officials to hold the meeting earlier. The main subject line will be if the referees have the right to consult these monitors. Most fans claim that the purpose of the referee is defeated when using these monitors and that any natural mistake made by players has been caught. This had prompted teams like Liverpool and Chelsea to lose matches when it was later founded to be unbiased. Most Club Managers agree that this is a significant issue that needs to be resolved going forward. It’s anticipated that if the meeting has provided a solution, then a formal vote will be held with EUFA.

The Controversy

The recent controversy began when Liverpool’s Manager vented his anger to the public during a media broadcast. Liverpool’s most recently matchup saw the referee claim an offside in favour for Aston Villa. This was the final straw for Jurgen Klopp, who noted that his team had been shifted multiple times by the VAR System that referees impose. He also stated that refs hug onto these systems now and are losing their capabilities to accurately asses a game. This isn’t the only recent indication that the video assistant referee system has come under fire. Everton also criticized the decision of referee’s when they were told that their goal was offside as well. It resulted in a three-minute delay in the matchup and an unnecessary level of anger towards the ref.

The primary concern for the Premier League and European Football Federation Association is the safety of referees. Whenever fans begin turning on these individuals, it resulted in significant violence towards that ref. Considering that the refs are now heavily relying on this system, it’s anticipated that violence will shortly beckon onto fields across the United Kingdom. This is why extreme delegations are being held, which will essentially force these refs to relearn their prior talents and stop relying on the VAR system. There is even a chance that VAR will be removed entirely from the Premier League, which would be a significant statement for all Soccer Leagues worldwide.