MLB Teams That Have Relocated

Baseball teams in Major League Baseball have relocated for several reasons. For instance, an organization might relocate due to financial troubles, low spectator attendance, or even unexpected issues that arise at the local stadium. You will even find teams that have decided to relocate due to heavy competition from another group in the same area. You will also see teams in the MLB that have relocated from East Coast cities to the Sunbelt region and the Midwest. With that in mind, let’s take a look at MLB teams that have relocated.

Milwaukee Brewers

The Milwaukee Brewers were the first professional baseball team in the American League that was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Brewers were undoubtedly not the last team to be created in Wisconsin, nor the last team to relocate to Milwaukee. The Brewers played here between 1894 and 1901. They initially started as a minor league team that formed part of the Western League. The 1901 season was the only season that saw the Milwaukee Brewers play. After they finished in the last place, they decided to move to St. Louis, where they were known as the St. Louis Browns during 1902.

Baltimore Orioles

Once the American League was reorganized entirely, it received three new teams, and one of them was the Baltimore Orioles during 1901. The team got its name from the state bird in Maryland. In 1903, the team was relocated to New York City where they changed their name to New York Highlanders after finding a stadium which they called home. However, in 1913, the team changed their name again and is now known as the New York Yankees after they relocated to the Polo Grounds.

Boston Braves

The Boston Braves are regarded as the first baseball team to have been formed in Boston. The team is also considered the founding members of the National League. The baseball team was initially established back in 1871 as was then known as the Boston Red Stockings. In 1912, the team was renamed the Boston Braves. In 1901, the Boston Red Sox formed part of the American League. In 1953, the Boston Braves decided to move to Milwaukee where they decided to rename the team to the Milwaukee Braves.

St. Louis Browns

During 1902, the Milwaukee Brewers decided to relocate and change their name to the St. Louis Brewers that formed part of the American League. However, the St. Louis Cardinals were also a hugely successful team in the same city that developed part of the National League. Unfortunately, the St. Louis Brewers were less successful than the St. Louis Cardinals which saw the Brewers play their last season during 1953. During 1954, the team decided to make another move to Baltimore where they eventually became known as the Baltimore Orioles. Of course, this marked the second MLB team in the city of Baltimore. This was quite a unique relocation as well as it features a Midwestern baseball team relocating to a team on the East Coast.