Liverpool Wins UEFA Super Cup Against Chelsea

It was 43 minutes after midnight when Adrian managed to save the penalty shot from Tammy Abraham to claim the UEFA Super Cup for the Reds. Thirty minutes later, Jordan Henderson and his team lifted the prestigious cup to mark the second European trophy for Liverpool in just three months. It was a remarkable match for both Chelsea as runners-up and Liverpool as the victorious team of the evening.

Winning is undoubtedly a very intoxicating feeling and to see Jurgen Klopp and his team sprint to Adrian at the Vodafone Park after his remarkable save just highlights how much a win means for the Reds. They appeared just as delighted as they did in Madrid after claiming the Champions League trophy against Tottenham Hotspur. However, after the dust settled in this incredible 5-4 penalty shootout victory against Chelsea, Liverpool is starting to realize the exact cost for their recent success.

Liverpool’s Next Match

There’s no denying that the 2019/20 Premier League season is going to be a demanding, challenging, and long road before they reach the finish line. If Liverpool is interested in building on their Champions League victory and finally end a three-decade wait for the glorious Premier League title in May 2020, they will face an even greater battle than the previous season where they nearly claimed the title from Manchester City.

They will first need to recover both their mental and physical fitness in time for the 3:00 pm match against Southampton on Saturday after enduring a 4-hour journey back home to England on Thursday. Chelsea, who managed to restore their pride and showcased unbelievable talent after their 4-0 defeat against Manchester United, will not play their next match until Sunday where they will also be on home turf against Leicester as opposed to travelling once again like Liverpool.

Klopp Needs to Find a Way

Winning the Champions League is only a taste of what Liverpool needs to deliver this season to remain victorious. The Reds didn’t have an easy road last season by any means. However, Liverpool only played a total of 52 games in all competitions. The team didn’t advance in the Carabao Cup and were taken out by Wolves in the FA Cup. This season they have already missed out on the Community Shield against Manchester City and needs to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup before 2020 is on our doorstep. This involves two matches and an 8-hour trip to Qatar and back.

Manchester City placed a total of 61 matches to claim their domestic treble, and the Reds will probably play around 60 games at least this season unless they endure similar draws or losses in their local competitions as they did last year. This will be a tough season for Klopp and his team, especially when you consider the additional energy that each team member needs to give this season to stay afloat. Let’s hope they have what it takes.