Largest Venues for Horse Racing in the World

Horse racing is undoubtedly a very competitive sport. It mainly involves two or more jockeys who compete against one another on horseback to determine who will reach the finish line first. A racecourse can take on several different forms and can be presented in multiple lengths. You will also find that races can be classified by running styles, obstacle courses, and even specific horse breeds. Even though it’s considered a favourite sport for spectators, it’s also a renowned sport when it comes to gambling. For instance, in 2008, betting on horses was valued at more than $115 billion.

Largest Venues for Horse Racing

Many countries across the globe have managed to establish their very own horse racing venues, allowing spectators to observe their horses and riders. Let’s take a look at three of the biggest sites in the world determined by spectator capacity.

Tokyo Racecourse

Situated in Fuchu in Tokyo, the Tokyo Racecourse is a venue that can host 223,000 spectators with a seating capacity of 13,750. It was initially constructed back in 1933 and played host to several prestigious races every single year. The most famous horse races include the Yasuda Kinen, the Japanese Derby, and the Japan Cup. The course measurements come in at a length of 1.25 miles and are 243 feet in width. Overall, the Tokyo Racecourse provides five tracks, including Course A (on the hedge), Course B (three meters from the fence), Course C (six meters from the wall), Course D (nine meters from the wall), and Course E (twelve meters from the wall). During 2007, the Tokyo Racecourse experienced a few renovations, including a new grandstand. The venue also impresses with the most significant video screen, measuring in at 37 feet high and 218 feet wide.

Nakayama Racecourse

The second biggest racecourse is the Nakayama Racecourse situated in Funabashi, Chiba within Japan. The venue can host up to 165,676 individuals to watch the racing action. It was initially constructed in 1990 and provided two grass courses, a jump course, and a dirt course. It also comes equipped with three tracks, including Course A (on the hedge), Course B (three meters from the fence), and Course C (seven meters from the wall) and the races run between 4,000 meters and 1,000 meters, depending on the track. The venue is home to some of the best jump races in the world, including the Nakayama Daishogai and the Nakayama Grand Jump.

Churchill Downs

The third biggest racecourse track in the world is the Churchill Downs, situated in Lexington, Kentucky within the United States. The racecourse venue can host a total of 165,000 individuals and be initially opened back in 1875. During its first year, the site managed to host the very first Kentucky Derby which is one of the most famous horseracing events in the world. Other world-renowned races that take place here include the Clart Handicap, the Stephen Foster Handicap, the Kentucky Oaks, and the Woodford Turf Classic.