Joe Rogan Reverts Social Distancing Remarks

Supporters behind Joe Rogan were disappointed with the infamous commentator went against his previous statements to Dana White. Rogan first emphasized that he would commentate UFC 249 under any conditions, believing the UFC President to be foolish to not obeying social distancing. Being aware of the impending backlash against him, Rogan wouldn’t announce that he’d be commentating UFC 249 on May 9th. This would mark the 1st time that UFC fanatics have seen their favourite commentator since the sport was shut down in early March.

Rogan believed that it’d be inevitable for some fighters or personnel to have the virus; this was his first mindset. Joe would look foolish and prove himself correct when it was confirmed that Ronaldo Souza had contracted COVID-19. His presence at UFC 249 means that all individuals at this Pay-Per-View could contract the virus, including Joe Rogan. Ronaldo Souza wouldn’t be permitted to fight Uriah Hall after testing positive for COVID-19, with his cornerman also contracting the virus.

Commentating Issues

Joe Rogan, Jon Anik, and Daniel Cormier were all tested upon their arrival. This extended to all filming and organizing personnel. All three commentators would test negative for the virus, which allowed for Rogan to interview fighters after winning their respective fights in the Octagon. This went against everything that Joe Rogan had previously remarked less than one month ago. When Rogan wasn’t permitted to sit beside his fellow commentators, the podcasters mentioned several times that he was displeased for having to remove himself from these men. Considering that the UFC allowed Rogan to interview fighters but not commentate with his co-hosts, the anger is somewhat justified. It still doesn’t excuse the remarks made and then reverted by Rogan.

Those filming on-site saw Dana White shoot Joe Rogan multiple looks for his remarks, clearly displeased with how the commentator reacted. This follows after the two men have clashed numerous times, with some suggesting they enter the Octagon and settle their differences the UFC way. Considering that Rogan is more significant than most UFC fighters, Dana White wouldn’t have a single chance of winning.