Everton Appoints New Head Manager

Staffing changes have occurred for Everton FC, as it’s been announced that Carlo Ancelotti will take on the new position as Head Coach. This stands for a five-year contract, which comes after the Italian Coach had been terminated by Napoli earlier in November. This news has been welcomed by Everton Fans, with Carlo Ancelotti having won three champions in the Premier League. It marks his first return to Premier League Football in nine years since Chelsea FC terminated him.

This has prompted the question, what will happen to Duncan Ferguson? He was the temporary manager, while Marco Silva’s replacement was being acquired. It was revealed that he would remain with Everton as an assistant coach, with Ancelotti making his appearance match on December 22nd. His first matchup with being against Arsenal, who are also supporting a new coach.

Throughout his significant career, Carlo Ancelotti has won numerous championship events as a head coach. He holds fifteen trophies and is one of three managers in Premier League history to win 3 Championship Titles. Previous championships were acquired in the Champions League with Real Madrid and AC Milan, where he would later earn a title for Chelsea. Additional championship victories include France’s and Germany’s respective football leagues. After failing to receive a second championship for Chelsea, he was dismissed before the next campaign. This ignorant act saw him leave for La Liga, where he remained for a decade.

Liverpool Badge Rejected

Another shocking piece of news that was revealed this week to Premier League fanatics was that Liverpool FC wouldn’t display their FIFA Champions Badge. This information came hours after they had acquired the Club World Cup, noting that they wouldn’t sport the badge in the Premier League. This is because of the odd rules implemented by the Premier League, who demand that all teams operating in this football association cannot wear badges maintained through the Football International Federation. Subsequently, fans of Liverpool FC won’t see the Reds’ take on this badge until the 2020 – 21 Champions League.

Liverpool won this championship event after sports analysts projected the formidable team to lose. However, after a re-evaluation of the first lineup, Liverpool altered their projections and managed to make it to the semi-finals. Jurgen Klopp noted how he was impressed with his overall players and their determination to win the FIFA Champions Badge. Liverpool FC now goes into the Premier and Champions League as the top-rated team.