Women’s Sports Leagues in North America

For the longest time, sports were only associated with men due to the high energy and gender discrimination when it came to women in sports. However, the popularity of female games and their participation has grown significantly over the years, especially during the 20th century. This incredible growth reflects the necessary change in modern society, emphasizing gender equality. Women’s sports are not accepted across the globe. However, you will still notice that performance and participation vary from one country to the next. Canada and the United States are renowned for producing top-tier competitions and tournaments for women’s team sports. In North America, several women sports leagues receive the right media and television coverage, along with attendance and participation.

Canadian Women’s Hockey League

The CWHL is considered the highest hockey league within Canada. Established in 2007, the association has a total of 7 teams from Boston, Alberta, Quebec, and Ontario. The league was initially formed by players who participated in the former National Women’s Hockey League. The Canadian Women’s Hockey League is responsible for ice rental cost, player travel, and other equipment. However, the players do not receive a salary. The teams compete for the championship trophy and get recognized for the most outstanding rookie, top goaltender, and most valued player.

National Women’s Soccer League

The NWSL is operated by the US soccer federation, representing the highest level of the sport in the country. The league was initially established back in 2012 and replaced both the Women’s United Soccer Association and the Women’s Professional Soccer league. The NWSL held their first match in 2013 and only featured eight teams. However, the league has managed to grow since and now features ten organizations across the United States where three teams have been crowned champions since the league started in 2013. The female soccer teams enjoy matches at ten different stadiums and recorded the highest attendance back in 2016 when 23,400 spectators watched the game.

National Pro Fast pitch

National Pro Fastpitch is a women’s professional software league within the United States. The association was initially known as Women’s Pro Softball League when it was established back in 1997. However, the league was cancelled four years later and was only rebranded and revived in 2004 when the name was changed to National Pro Fastpitch. The league consists of 5 teams that compete for the prestigious Cowles Cup. In 2004, the association also received a new organization and enjoyed a total of 174 games.

Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

Formed in 2004, the WFTDA is an association for the flat track roller derby league for women. It was initially created as United Leagues Coalition. However, the name was changed back in 2005 and was registered in North Carolina as a league organization. The WFTDA assists and promotes the growth of flat track roller derby for women. The league initially had 20 teams, but now boasts with 30 different teams in the league.