What Exactly is Floorball?

Floorball is regarded as an indoor sporting event that is very similar to the game of hockey. The sport is played in an area of 20 x 40 meters that is bordered 0.5 meters high on all sides. A team that participates in a competitive game of floorball has a total of 5 players that each play with sticks along with a goaltender who doesn’t carry any special equipment. The goaltender has a stick and can be recognised through a distinctive jersey. The ball used in floorball needs to have a circumference of between 8.7 inches and 9.1 inches, while the stick needs to measure between 37.8 inches and 45.5 inches in length.

Floorball Origins

The earliest development of this sporting event began during the 1960s or 70s in Sweden. These days, the game of floorball is viral in countries like Finland, Denmark, Latvia, and Estonia. Each of these countries has managed to develop the sport over a long-time period, which makes the sport quite developed and accessible in European countries.

Floorball is also gaining immense popularity in several other countries around the world, including Ireland, Malaysia, and the United States. In 2014, more than 300,000 people registered as floorball players from across the globe. You will also find several floorball tournaments that take place every year, including the Sweden Svenska Superligan and the Finland Salibandyliga. , and both women and men participate in leagues around the world.

The makeup of a Team

Each team in a game of floorball needs to have two defenders, a goaltender, and three attackers. The goaltender is allowed to hit the ball with any part of their body and can hold the ball for a maximum of three seconds. When a game rule is broken, the player needs to leave the field temporarily.

When a match is underway, a player cannot get his the ball with their head or hand. A player is also not allowed to jump during a game or receive the ball while both feet are off the ground. Players will get a 2-minute penalty if a shot is taken with a stick that is above the waist. You will also receive a penalty when the ball is encountered above knee level. You are also not allowed to disrupt your opponent with the floorball, and you should measure shoulder-to-shoulder among players.

Rules of Floorball

The basic rules of the game were first introduced during 1979, following the inception of Sala IBK within Sweden. This club was considered the first team in the world of floorball when the sporting event was initially established. Three years after that, the official rules of the sport managed to take effect. However, the laws of the game can still vary significantly from one country to the next. For instance, in one country a goaltender may hold a stick, while in other countries this is not allowed. Floorball will form part of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo during 2020.