Weekly Roundup for the Premier League – December 23rd

The Premier League saw numerous teams win some unexpected matches this week. The first was Chelsea, who came up against Arsenal this week. As usually, the EPL betting odds arein favor of those teams. Premier League betting is on focus as those teams fight head to head.   They scored twice in the first four minutes, allowing them to acquire the victory. It was the first time that Arsenal lost a home matchup this season, with their main goalkeeper missing an attempt to stop a free-kick from Chelsea. He is considered to be the primary reason why the matchup couldn’t be tied. It should be noted that Chelsea almost acquired a yellow card twice throughout this game, with the 1st coming in the starting four minutes. If Jorginho hadn’t been allowed to continue playing, Chelsea most likely would’ve lost against Arsenal.

Chelsea now stands eleven points ahead of their main rivals, Arsenal. This puts them in contention of the Champions League, with Arsenal potentially not making the cut. It would mark the first time in decades that this infamous Premier League team didn’t enter the Champion’s League. Arsenal will require a stronger counter-offensive against their upcoming opponents, or they’ll find themselves falling in the 2019 -20 season.

West Ham New Arrival

Another significant headline that swept over fans of the Premier League was the announcement that West Ham United had appointed a new manager. Their new manager is David Moyes, who previously worked for the football club two years ago. When Manuel Pellegrini replaced him, the task required out of him wasn’t accomplished. This prompted West Ham to create an 18-month deal with David Moyes, providing them with the high-calibre coach required to enter the contention for the Champions League. It was announced that Manuel Pellegrini was losing his job last Saturday, which was unexpected during the mid-season.

David Moyes experienced his first matchup under the West Ham United banned again in Bournemouth, which is his home city. This new manager noted how he missed this sporting organization, how he enjoyed the fans and the stadium. David said that it felt like an actual football club and that he was disappointed when the position was lost. It seems Moyes will accomplish anything required to keep this position going forward.