Uber Defeats London City in Appealed Court Case

An appeal against the City of London has been awarded to Uber Technologies Ltd. This follows after the judge proceeding this case determined that services maintained by Uber were fit & proper to industry standards. His ruling enables Uber to continue operation in Great Britain’s Capital, which notably angered legislators wanting the elimination of Uber in London. These legislators were upset initially when Uber Technologies Ltd was permitted operational status during the eighteen-month appeal. Sustainability for thousands of jobs in London was more important than adhering to legislators.

The judge governing over this court case admitted Uber Technologies Ltd made historical failings in 2019, which came after the Transport of London Association noted multiple discrepancies behind Uber’s operations. It was TFLs primary reason for not electing Uber an additional licence in November 2019, which prompted Uber Lawyers to appeal their decision immediately. What ensued was eighteen months of legal fees, which saw Uber Technologies Ltd become victorious & London-city taxpayers losing out on viable funds.

It should be noted that legislators that attacked Uber were reaching. Uber Technologies Ltd had the TFL allege that unauthorized drivers were permitting to upload photographs from their account to other driver accounts. This prompted an influx of scenarios that were deemed unfavourable for employed contractors with uber. This includes sexual harassment, bullish threats, and unlawful tactics to gain increased exposure to riders.

Twenty-four employed contractors with Uber Technologies Ltd were found creating a loophole under the UTL Software. This enabled Uber’s software to steal rides from competing drivers, which was accomplished by stealing the competing driver’s photographic identity. The Transport of London Association believes that the 24-Illegally operating employed contractors stole nearly fifteen thousand trips.

The Ruling

Deputy Chief Judge Tan Ikram noted that Uber Technologies Ltd had proved themselves to better operational standards. The judge felt satisfied with the cyber-security mechanisms Uber has enacted to ensure that ethical business is conducted. Tan Ikram clarified that Uber Technologies Ltd went beyond the court’s expectations. Subsequently, Uber’s been granted an additional Eighteen-month license to continue operations in London. Afterwards, a subsequent review of their internal data will be reviewed & yearly licenses will be regranted if no discrepancies are found. TFL won’t investigate.