TikTok Announces Legal Action Against Trump Administration

The Trump Administration could find themselves in a legal battle against a Chinese-owned corporation. This follows after TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, announced on August 22nd that they’d be seeking legal actions against Donald Trump & his administration. ByteDance hopes to start proceedings with the courts before August 28th, hoping to solve any legal discrepancies with the Trump Administration before TikTok’s ban in America comes into effect.

An emailed statement was provided by ByteDance to multiple news agencies throughout the United States, including the Washington Post & NBC News. TikTok’s parent company evoked that Donald Trump is discarding the rule of law, which ByteDance wants to avoid & guarantee that their company is treated fairly in the United States market. Under these assumptions of evident unfair treatment, ByteDance will challenge POTUS’s Executive Order with the US House of Representatives.

The national security of Americans is the reasoning for President Donald Trump’s ban over TikTok, which was implemented on August 6th & was initially slated to take effect on September 15th. That would have given ByteDance less than one month to solve legal discrepancies with the Trump Administration, which is unlikely either way.

After a President’s Executive Order is gone into effect, challenging it becomes drastically harder for opposing forces. Hope was given to ByteDance when Donald Trump doubled the timeframe for TikTok’s ban on August 14th, meaning their ban would become effective on October 30th. Female users everywhere would shed tears over the loss of posting sexualized content on October 31st, the day of Halloween.

Data Collection

Proof has been given to President Donald Trump that ByteDance collects consumer data for the Chinese Communist Party. It’s this core reason that prompted POTUS’s Executive Order, with Donald Trump holding a notable vendetta against China’s growth over recent decades. The one genuine hope that TikTok has for survival is selling their services to Microsoft, giving the computing corporation ownership over operations in democratic nations. Those countries would include the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. There’s little competition for Microsoft in the acquisition of TikTok. Only Apple & Twitter have expressed similar interest on a smaller level.