The Largest Indoor Sports Arenas in the World

An indoor arena is essentially a circular-shaped or overall design that is used to provide sporting events or musical performances and is usually an enclosed area. A stage often has an ample open space that is surrounded from every side with multiple tiers that house seats for fans and spectators. The most prominent feature of any arena is the massive free space at the lowest point of the arena to provide maximum visibility to spectators. One of the oldest and biggest stages in the world is the Colosseum situated in Rome. Apart from the Colosseum, there are a handful of indoor arenas across the globe.

The Philippine Arena

This arena is considered the largest multipurpose indoor arena in the world with a 55,000 seating capacity that covers more than 140 hectares, which are located in Bocaue. The indoor arena is currently owned by the INC institution which forms part of the New Era University. The structure’s construction began in 2011 and was only completed in 2014 at the cost of over $200 million. The Philippine Arena comes equipped with four floors and reaches a height of 65 meters. The indoor arena is renowned for its safety features as it withstands earthquakes and typhoons every year.

Paris La Defense Arena

This indoor arena was initially constructed for the Olympic Games that will take place in 2024 as the sporting event will be hosted in Paris, France. The indoor arena is situated in Nanterre and can take up to a maximum of 40,000 spectators. Apart from musical events, the indoor arena can also host various sporting events, including Paris Motorcross, rugby matches, and basketball games.


This structure is a massive indoor arena that is situated in Bucharest, Romania. The indoor arena can comfortably seat up to 40,000 spectators and has been in use since the early 1960s. The indoor arena is also regularly used for a wide range of other events, such as large expos and several sporting events.

The Saitama Super Arena

This arena is considered the second-largest multipurpose and indoor arena in the world, which is located in Saitama City in Japan. The indoor arena comes with a maximum seating capacity of more than 37,000 spectators and comes equipped with large moveable sections where seating capacity can be reduced to make smaller events much more intimate. This is the only arena that you’ll find in Japan that can host American football games. The stadium is home to the Saitama Broncos, a professional basketball team from Japan.
SC Olimiyskiy

This sports complex also referred to as the Olympic Stadium, is an indoor arena situated in Moscow, Russia. It’s considered the third largest arena across the globe and has a seating capacity of up to 35,000 spectators. It was initially constructed back in 1980 and can host a wide variety of events, including musical concerts and sporting events. In 2014, the indoor arena was auctioned, were an oil company bought more than 65% at $108 million.