The Biggest Questions in the Premier League

The Premier League is back in action this weekend, making it the perfect time to answer some of the biggest questions that face some of the most elite teams in Europe. With that in mind, let’s take a look at issues that need some serious answers.

Newcastle United is undoubtedly one of the most active clubs in the Premier League this year. There’s no denying that they are pretty uninspiring, but the team has managed to defeat Tottenham Hotspur a couple of weeks ago and is also the last team to beat Manchester City in 2019. Both victories during the 2019/20 Premier League season were achieved by stubborn, reliable, and perhaps dull defensive work that somehow provided incredible results, allowing them to frustrate their opponents and claiming the vital points ultimately.
So this begs the question, can they do the same to a side like Liverpool? One will never even think of this question when it comes to players like Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane. However, given the fact that they destroyed two other elite teams in the Premier League, it’s possible. Liverpool has quite the challenge ahead of them, but everyone is sure that they will be victorious at the end.

Tottenham Hotspur

When you look at the fixture list, you can assume that the Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur game is the perfect opportunity for Tottenham to get back on their feet. However, when you take into account that only Manchester City and Liverpool have managed to accumulate more points than Crystal Palace since the start of the season, you will quickly understand that nothing is as black and white as it was before.

Mauricio Pochettino recently stated that his team needs to focus again for the season ahead and that he had an hour-long discussion with them after they returned from their much-needed break. A win against Palace will give the team the needed boost. However, if they lose, it will create even more problems for the team going forward.

Quique Sanchez Flores

When Watford decided to dismiss Javi Gracia, no one was shocked. What was far more of a shock to the Premier League world was the reappointment of the football player Quique Sanchez Flores. However, there is a bit of logic to the reappointment that you might have missed. The strength of Flores in his previous position was to keep the defence tight, and Watford hasn’t been able to keep a clean sheet since the start of the season.

We can’t expect too much from the player this weekend as he has only been back for a week. However, if he wants to test himself immediately to resolve things from the back, he can do so this weekend with Arsenal along with the front three as a backup.