Soccer Match Triggers Prison Riot

The passion numerous individuals feel towards soccer can at moments be extensive. This was once again proven by hundreds if prison inmates in Northern Mexico where it was reported that sixteen inmates were murdered, with five additional being wounded in the province of Zacatecas as a result of a soccer game. This marks the most horrendous acts of violence in the Mexican penal system since the new legislation enacted by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. This violent occurrence began in the late afternoon of Tuesday, January 3rd. Prisons from the Regional Center of Social Reintegration in Cieneguillas began brutally beating on one another.

Media Reporters from the local area noted that this event occurred from a match-up with professional teams in the Zacatecas Province. The Public Security Minister for Mexico’s penal system noted that extensive investigations will be maintained towards all individuals that were working throughout this day. Most high-level authorities didn’t provide any insight over the cause of this incident, only clarifying that the situation has been handled and the prison is in lockdown.

Prison Wide Searched & Future Provisions

When this extensive gang-associated assault was finished, the governing authorities at CSR Prison began searching all cells throughout their facility. This search located four firearms throughout the prison, with one inmate receiving additional time on his sentence. Multiple knives were discovered as well, with numerous searches slated for six months going forward. Any acts of violence will permit entrance to the detention centre, where inmates would be left alone in a padded cell for 72 hours. The guns found are believed to be smuggled throughout New Year’s Eve, a moment where guards themselves get confused by the influx of visitors.

The Mexican penal system is taking this matter seriously, requiring the assistance of the Mexican National Guard. They’ve stood by since the incident took place, watching guard inside and outside the prison. All national guard members are supporting fully-loaded and customized M16’s, with the provided authority to shoot on sight per the existence of another prison right. This marks the first time in two decades since the Mexican Government has granted this authority to the national guard.

It should be noted that the Regional Center of Social Reintegration in Cieneguillas is one of the worst prisons in Mexico. It houses the worst gang members nationwide, with five associated gangs being housed in similar units. This includes the Gulf Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Per the safety of selective inmates, 120 individuals were transported to new locations throughout the prison.