Rugby World Cup 2019 – Everything You Need to Know

History is undoubtedly going to be made at the Rugby World Cup in 2019 which will be hosted in Asia for the very first time. A total of 20 nations is going to descend on Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, in September for what is going to be the most widely-covered and unpredictable Rugby World Cup in the history of the sport. Whether you’re watching the game from home while placing an assortment of bets, or flying to Japan to catch every game live, here is everything you need to know surrounding the Rugby World Cup of 2019.

Where, Why, When, What, and Who

The very first thing that you’ll be required to do is mark specific dates on your calendar or journal. The Rugby World Cup in 2019 will take place between 20 September 2019 until 2 November 2019. This provides a total of 6 weeks of nail-biting action. Most of the matches will take place in Tokyo. However, significant events will also be featured in Sapporo, Kobe, Fukuoka, and Yokohama to mention but a few. All major betting platforms will be boasting with competitive odds on every fixture, so ensure you keep your eyes open during the tournament.

Once the rugby gets underway, you can expect to see the opening match between Russia and Japan. The hosting nation is considered an unexpected rugby world cup superstar that has been climbing the ranks for several years to transform into one of the best rugby teams in the world. This essentially means that bettors can treat themselves to loads of sizable profits by placing bets on the underdogs. Even though they don’t measure up against bigger teams in the Rugby World Cup, they are playing on home turf which automatically gives them a huge advantage.

What To Expect on the Field

Let’s get into the more critical aspects of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. Whether you are catching all the rugby action from your local sports bar or flying to the land of the rising sun, you’ll need to know what to expect when it comes to the action on the field. If you consider yourself a betting enthusiast, then you placing a wide variety of bets on New Zealand who are currently regarded as massive favourites to win the trophy this year, they also managed to win loads of games in 2018, making them an unstoppable force. It’s for this reason that most betting sites will have them as the winners of the World Cup.

However, if you are interested in making a more significant profit, we highly recommend that you back the Ireland rugby team. This team has managed to grow from nothing into one of the most elite rugby teams in the world in a concise space of time. They managed to defeat their rivals, England, on several occasions to prove their worth to the world. We are confident that they will take the cup this year, mark our words!