Premier League Action with Manchester City and Liverpool

Another crazy weekend in the Premier League witnessed Manchester City closing the point gap on Liverpool, who are currently at the top of the log, along with loads of movement in the middle of the table. We also witnessed how Manchester United made Klopp and The Reds very unsettled with their promising performance. Let’s take a closer look at these games.

Manchester City managed to dodge a massive bullet against Crystal Palace over the weekend. Will this be able to change their Premier League season going forward? After defeats against Wolves and Norwich, it’s wasn’t far-fetched to believe that Crystal Palace could provide a fatal blow to their hopes of the Premier League title, especially when Rodri and Fernandinho were bundled together as a centre-half duo.

However, Pep Guardiola’s squad managed to find a way to destroy the competition on Saturday afternoon, scoring a phenomenal second goal with David Silva, and providing a stellar performance that gives the impression that the crisis is now a thing of the past. Manchester City will soon enjoy home games against Southampton and Aston Villa before they make their way to Anfield to face their formidable foes. Last year, Man City took advantage as soon as Liverpool provided signs of faltering. Will the same thing

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp will likely think back to his conversation minutes after the 1-1 draw against Manchester United on Sunday afternoon where he said to his team to defend against Man Utd. This is definitely not a fair comment by any means, and deep down, we are sure Klopp knows it too.

While Manchester United wasn’t exactly on fire, they provided loads of ambition during the first half of the match, so much so that their leader was well-deserved. Aaron Wan-Bissaka was virtually playing as a winger, while Marcus Rashford and Daniel James provided loads of spectacular runs that gave Joel Matip and Virgil van Dijk plenty of problems that they wished didn’t happen.

Liverpool, on the other hand, seemed rather passive until the second half got underway. Their full-backs were unable to showcase their usual initiative, and the midfielders were outperformed thanks to Andreas Pereira, Fred, and Scott McTominay. After Adam Lallana managed to score an equaliser, it looked like Liverpool would win the match as Manchester United seemed to get more and more tired towards the end of the game.

However, Jurgen Klopp was more frustrated with the two VAR calls that managed to go against his squad, and he knew he missed a golden opportunity to extend his lead in the Premier League, primarily by defeating Manchester United at Old Trafford. Fortunately, it provided the Manchester United manager with a bit of hope, as the overall result was good, and it took some heat of the head coach who has been doubtful in his position up until now.