McGregor Comes Out Foolish Over Twitter

The Irishman continues to parade himself foolishly and disrespectfully, which is consistent with his personality. Many fighters are publicly shaming Conor McGregor after he claimed himself to be the “Greatest of All Time”. Supports behind the Irishman themselves were conflicted over his sentiments. McGregor might be the UFCs most exciting fighter on their roster, but he’s far from their most significant. Those that previously defeated Conor since 2016 reminded him of his losses.

Conor McGregor believes that he’s the 2nd Greatest of All Time Fighter in history. He argued that his ranking is tied with Anderson Silva, the next GOAT. UFC Competitors like Jon Jones, Nate Diaz, and Khabib Nurmagomedov roasted McGregor for his foolish remarks. The 1st individual to publicly shame Conor was Nate Diaz, where he informed the Irishman that submitting him was easily accomplished.

Diaz noted that he took McGregor faster to the ground than any other opponent he’s competed against. Nate clarified that the numerous punches landed onto McGregor were faster than that of Floyd Mayweather Junior. Statistically, this isn’t incorrect, but the sentiments from Nate were foolish. Conor would ultimately return to fight Diaz again, where the Irishman would become victorious.

Sentiments from Khabib

Khabib Nurmagomedov replied to the GOAT List issued by Conor McGregor. The Irishman believes that Khabib isn’t ranked in the top ten, even though Nurmagomedov stands at 28-0. This record is considerably better than Conor’s and shows that COVID-19 is returning the Irish Native to his delusional self.

Nurmagomedov remarked that Conor hasn’t even defended his championship titles, that he tapped out in all three standard divisions of the UFC. Sentiments from Khabib clarified that McGregor declined fines fights from multiple fighters, showing that the argument doesn’t matter, but money does. Khabib ended his statements to Conor by noting he’s the “Greatest UFC Troll of All Time”.

It should be mentioned that these arguments are typically pointless and don’t hold value towards the MMA Community. What holds validity is statistics, which show Jon Jones as the UFCs Greatest of All Time.