Manchester United Acquiring Richarlison de Andrade

One of the most infamous squads in Premier League history has become unrecognizable in recent years. However, things could change for Manchester United in two weeks. It’s been confirmed that the Red Devils have reaches a higher level of talks with Richarlison de Andrade. This information comes directly from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who confirmed the potential acquisition after a substantial loss to Manchester City FC. This loss occurred during the Carabao Cup Finals, with the two teams being arch-rivals for decades.

Following the announcement, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has become more composed on the sidelines. Manchester United’s performance improved drastically since their loss to Manchester City FC. They won their first matchup in weeks against Norwich City, prompting a 4-0 victory. It’s the first time that loyal supporters have seen their team perform to old standards in the 2019 – 20 season. Acquiring Richarlison de Andrade would improve their chances of holding this record by 28.33%. Most sports analysts believe this is a turning point for Manchester City and that supporters will see them become formidable opponents during the new decade.

The Everton Factor

Manchester United wouldn’t have this opportunity without the assistance of Everton FC. Richarlison de Andrade holds a position with the team, which was confirmed to be lost earlier this week. Everton FC confirmed that Richarlison would be open for the January Transfer Window, which immediately prompted Manchester United to offer de Andrade a position for a considerable sum of money. The Daily Mail reported that negotiations between the free-agent athlete and sporting organization had begun, with figures not being disclosed.

Surprisingly, Everton’s football club is removing Richarlison de Andrade from their lineup. He stands as one of the most reliable and most capable strikers in the Premier League. Considering he’s twenty-two years go ago, Manchester United cold holding Andrade for a prolonged period going forward. However, this football club will demand a strong performance from Richarlison when it applies to shots-on-net. It should be noted that this young man has acquired an immeasurable level of talent throughout his three professional seasons in the Premier League. It’s anticipated that he could rival the record of Ronaldo or Beckham, which would be an accomplishment few footballers have achieved.

Manchester United’s Future

Depending on how Manchester United’s 2021 – 22 season players out, multiple investors have confirmed that they’d sell off their stakes. It would put the organization in a dire situation where acquisition funds would be lowered, and available players would be limited. Subsequently, acquiring Richarlison de Andrade comes at a make it or break it moment for Manchester United. If he cannot meet the required standards, this team will lose their legacy to Manchester City FC.