Kobe Bryant & Daughter Pass Away

We usually discuss headlines regarding the Premier League or Major League Soccer. However, sports news agencies were rocked today when finding out that Kobe Bryant had passed away. This followed after the NBA Legend took a helicopter with Gianna Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter. Following stalled engines, this helicopter plummeted to the ground and exploded on impact. Several additional people, with the inclusion of pilots, were killed immediately. The full manifest hasn’t been released publicly, with family members being the only individuals informed of all deaths. Once the coroner’s office has completed their reports, it’ll become public knowledge by the Los Angeles Police County Department.

Kobe Bryant maintains one of the greatest legacies ever seen in professional basketball. Spending 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers, this individual was also an active supporter of international football. He frequently attended A.C Milan matchups with his father while travelling to Italy. Kobe Bryant also participated in various events with Major League Soccer, which reached the point where he became a spokesperson for the LA Galaxy earlier this month. He also held sponsorship agreements with Body Armor, Nike and Under Armor. The first news agency to inform the public of his passing was TMZ, where they expressed that the father and daughter had been travelling to Gianna’s basketball game in the state of California.

Throughout Kobe Bryant’s career, he’d become an NBA Champion five times. Bryant would experience eighteen All-Star Matchups and become the most valuable player throughout 2008. He’s considered one of three incredible legends to play professional basketball, with LeBron James and Magic Johnson following his talents. Kobe Bryant is the only NBA athlete to player twenty consecutive seasons. Since this news was revealed, numerous individuals in the National Basketball League and sporting community have mourned his loss. Sympathies and condolences have also been provided to the Bryant family. Kobe leaves a six-month-old daughter and his wife.

Investigations Ensue

Federal Agencies in the United States of America will assist California officials in the upcoming investigation. They’ll determine in this helicopter crash was prompted by unexpected engine failure or if mechanics had been tampered with before the flight departed. The chances that someone purposely intended to have Kobe Bryant crash is minimal. It’s known that Bryant didn’t have any enemies and often supported numerous charities. Onlookers that saw this crash will be included in this investigation.